Friday, May 30, 2008


I didn't see my first firefly or lightning bug until I was an adult. They just don't live in west Texas. I remember the first night I saw swarms of them around a relatives house in Oklahoma. I was fascinated!! When we moved to Waco last summer I was tickled to discover that fireflies live here in Waco. We had a few fun evenings chasing them with our good friends here. (Our friends are firefly EXPERTS! They can catch tons of them.)

Tonight we has our first official Forester Family Firefly Fiasco. I had been seeing them around town, but I had not seen them in our own yard yet. As soon as I saw them tonight (while taking out some trash) I ran through the house getting every one to put on their shoes and socks! We frantically put on bug spray, and then went racing outside, jar in hand.

Emma was immediately frightened, so I ended up having to carry her around. Sarah didn't completely follow instructions, so she had flip-flops and was afraid of hurting her feet & of getting poison oak. Hannah got itchy, right after I put bug spray on her, and Mekala thought she was being attacked by the world's largest mosquito.

Needless to say, it was a very short and unsuccessful outing. However I had a grand time watching their little hineys mysteriously light up, the bugs, not my childrens. It is so enchanting! I hope that next time we can head out earlier so we have more time (and light), and then maybe we will actually be able to catch one and put it in our jar.

Lord, thank you for such a wonderfully, creative, design in the firefly! The world is full of unique creatures, all placed their for your glory and our enjoyment. thank you for enchanted memories that are made watching your creation! You are a AWESOME God!! Thank you

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