Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The New Face

For most of their lives, my girls have known their Daddy with a soft, fuzzy goatee, or a beard. He keeps it that way for me. He is MUCH more kissable with facial hair than without. When he is without facial hair, it only takes a day before it feels like I am kissing sandpaper. But every once in a while he looses a wild hair and shaves it all off. Last Sunday morning was one of those "whiles" . Before the girls were awake, Kent "bared it all" for his triathlon. He woke me up with a big fuzz-less kiss! I decided to keep quiet about dad's big change.

Oh, if I had only been thinking about it when we showed up at the race to cheer him on, I would have gotten some too funny pictures of the girls!!

Picture, if you will, strange faces and a mass of people, most of whom are wearing black wet suits, and all of whom have on swim caps. Then from out of the crowd a man approaches, familiar, yet strange. Then that man leans down and tries to kiss you, there in public, and you don't even know him. I'm sure that you, like my girls would immediately pull away out of shock and fear. Especially if the face that was coming toward you looked like this:

It was funny to watch them slowly realize that the strange man was actually their Daddy.

But I must take a moment and brag on my MAN. (or as my friend would say my TRI-MAN).

Kent swam some distance (I'm not sure on the exact number, but I will guarantee that it was more than I would or could EVER swim).

When he got done with the .32 mile swim (or whatever), he dried off, hopped on to his bike and rode for 17 miles (again, more than I could do)

Then after that he had to run for 6 miles before he could cross the finish line. (do I even need to say it...).

He didn't do as well as he had hoped, he had a few technical difficulties on the ride, but all in all he felt good about it.

But as awesome as that feat is, completing the race is not why I have to brag on my TRI-MAN. First, on his way out for the run, he stopped and kissed not one, but two of his daughters! I didn't see anyone else do that.

Second, he had the chance to finish sooner, but when he caught up to his friend and training buddy, instead of passing and running to finish the race, he slowed down to his friends pace so that they could finish together.

And if that didn't win him the friend of the year award this will......

He went back out on the track, to look for one of his best friends and re-ran the last part of the race so that he could finish the race with his friend.


Lord, thank you for my MAN. May he always be "different", may he continue to love others the way you have called him too. Thank you that he is such a wonderful DADDY!! We are so blessed to have him as our leader. Give him wisdom as he guides us from one day to the next. Bless Him Jesus!!

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Angus Mhor said...

Angus' Mom sez: Woohoo Daddy-Man! A tri-athlon (more than I could do) [grin]! And such a hubster and papa! What a blessing to read on so many levels!

P.S. I'm partial to mustaches, myself.