Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Just FYI..... this is OUR tree!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Harvest time!!  We planted Ground Nuts a few months ago and were finally able to harvest them! I have to take a moment and admit my ignorance.  G-nuts the nut of choice in making peanut butter, so for a very long time, I thought that the name, "ground nut" had something to go with the fact that the nuts are "ground" in to a paste for peanut butter.  It was only recently that I looked at the name "ground nut" and realized that the name probably comes from the fact that the nuts are grown in the "ground" as opposed to a tree.    Go ahead and shake your head in wonder and shame....

 The kids that live in our neighborhood have been weeding the g-nuts, and so when it was time to harvest they were the first in line to help.
 Harvesting is quite simple..... just up root the plant.  That is also how they harvest beans.  After they have been up rooted and have dried a day or so, you remove the nuts from the roots.  Then you let them dry some more.  Then you shell them.  You can shell by hand, which is what we should have done, or you can take them to the sheller.  We obviously took them to the sheller, but because we had let them dry for too long a lot of the nuts split and it was hard to get all the dirt out of them....

Next time, we will know better.  But here's to a TON of yummy nuts to snack on this "winter".

Table fit for a King

Before we moved I had heard it rumored that you could show a carpenter a picture of a piece of furniture and they could make it.  So I brought a Pottery Barn catalog with me when we moved, so I would have plenty of pictures to choose from.  But we didn't have anything made right away.  Instead we bought this table with 6 chairs to get us started.
The table was just big enough to fit all our family and our plates.  Serving dishes.... forget it. No room.  But we faithfully used what we had until the oppertunity to upgrade presented it's self.
When we were ready I made a nifty order with pictures, drawings, and even a few arrows... I wish I had been able to keep the page...  the carpenter said "three weeks".  We said GREAT!  It will be ready just in time for our guests from Waco.  But remember we live in Africa..... 'nuff said.

SIX weeks later Kent brings home this:
The first few days it felt like we were eating mile away from each other... but we have now adjusted, for the most part.... games can be hard to play, but you can put all the serving dishes in the middle so that is a plus.
You can't see it in these pictures but the chairs are HUGE~!!!~  I don't know if I wrote down the wrong numbers, or if he misread them but two children can comfortably fit into ONE seat!  Huge I tell you!
And so you don't think we are wasteful.... the old table is now my sewing/craft table and the extra chairs will be modified into end tables for the livingroom after the new year!   I will post on those when they are finished!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I had TONS to be thankful for this year for Thanksgiving!  MY MOM was visiting! 

In September I sent her some Achoil paper bead necklaces, she sold them to her coworkers, and there was a craze!  She called about a week after she sold all the beads and said ..."I may be coming to visit you next month."  She dug around found her passport, got it renewed, got her shots and booked her tickets. 

It was so fun to have my mom get to see where we live and experience Gulu first hand.  When I asked her what she thought.... she said "It is not as bad as I thought".  I was afraid that it would be worse.... funny how that works.

We had a giant house full on Thanksgiving day! Kent invited every family-less American, and a few Canadians as well and we made our own family. We had chicken, pumpkin, mashed potatoes, mac'n'cheeze, ham, green bean casserole.... and TONS of amazing desserts.  Mom brought Velveeta, french onions, and cranberries as well as cute thanksgiving plates and napkins. Everyone was so surprised (and blessed) to have a real American Thanksgiving.

All in all it was a great day.... we were even able to watch the Macy's parade via the internet that night.  We hooked it up to the TV and  enjoyed all the floats and performers, it almost felt like we were home. 

LOVE YOU ALL!!!  Enjoy some cold weather, hot chocolate and Christmas lights for us this year!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So in the last weeks we have had so much going on.... and yet nothing new.  How that is possible is unknown to me, but it sum up life lately.

We started a Life Group with the people in our neighborhood that want a deeper walk with Jesus.  Our first night was about five weeks ago, and we went over Acts 2:42-47 
"They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43 Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. 44 All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. 46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47 praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.
That night one of our group members was having a baby, so we all gave to their need.  We had people give food (bananas, posho and rice) and money for cloth diapers, and soap.  It was so awesome to see the group give freely to someone with a need.  Since that night we have had other opportunities to bless people in our group and is has been AMAZING!

Kevin and Becky Ann are doing well!  Small Kevin left, then Kevin's cousin Susan moved in. Not long after her arrival they had to move into a new house.  She isn't right next door anymore. but we still get to see them. Kevin and Susan come three times a week to help with cleaning and laundry.  Susan usually washes, and Kevin cleans.  I am still getting used to having someone in the house andtrying to find something for her to clean.

Originally Kevin was comming by herself everyday (five days a week) and she did cleaning on some days and laundry on others.  But trying to do school with some one around, and having Becky Ann as a distraction was too much for my introverted self, so we decided to have BOTH, Kevin and Susan come on three days and I pay them both.  It is a win-win situation.  I have two days "free" and they earn more money and have two day they don't have to "foot" (walk) to my house.  YEA!

Kevin led Concy one of our neighbors to Jesus two weeks ago.  Concy's husband John gave his life to Jesus a few months ago, and he has been praying for her to receive salvation.  Concy comes to our Life Group and is doing really well!  Kevin's sister Miriam also gave her life to Jesus and was baptized a few weeks ago.  Things are really hopping around here.

We are praying for a new church building.  Each week our building looks more and more like a dance hall... which we don't mind other than there is also a restaurant right out side, and they are open on Sunday mornings and we don't want to disturb Frank who has been SO kind to let us use the building for free! We need something that will accommodate our 30 adults and 70+ kids.

Our village church is doing REALLY well!!  Remember my Shall We Gather At the River? post.  Well that group has turned into four groups, and last week there were over 15 people that were baptized in the river!
They meet every Monday and are planning on meeting together other days during the week as well.... trying to follow that Acts 2:42-47 model! 

I'm sure there is WAY more that is going on with Kent and all his guys..... but I will leave that for him to add. He is considering adding his own two cents to the blog  as well, so soon you may get a second perspective!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Our Song"

Many, many, MANY years ago, when we only had two kids we would crank up the volume on this tune and dance around the house...... it is amazing how prophetic it has turned out to be.

"Me and Becky" - Chris Rice

Becky has a house on Abundant Live Boulevard
A good name, good family, and butterflies in her yard
Becky loves Jesus and really wants to make Him proud
She tears up in church and she sings her harmonies loud
She's got a Bible by the bed, a prayer journal, and a fish on her car
She makes sure to bow her head and give thanks in every restaurant

But is that enough?

C'mon Becky, let's go for a ride
If I'm driving too fast then I apologize
But there's a world out there that we left behind
Full of souls as important as yours and mine
Looks like a reckless road, and a sacrifice
And I'm crazy scared it may cost our lives
But then I remember Jesus died

So c'mon Becky
Let's go for a ride

I'm rolling up to Becky's house on my Sunday drive
I have to laugh to myself 'cause it looks exactly like mine
I smile and wave at all the happy people strolling by
We've got the same walk, same talk, and the same sparkle in our eyes
'Cause we're thankful for the blessings, but maybe we could lay 'em aside
I get a feeling we might be missin' the time of our lives

So hop in and hold on tight

C'mon Becky, let's go for a ride
If I'm driving too fast then I apologize
But there's a world out there that we left behind
Full of souls as important as yours and mine
Looks like a reckless road, and a sacrifice
And I'm crazy scared it may cost our lives
But then I remember Jesus died

So c'mon Becky
Let's go for a ride

'Cause we're thankful for the blessings, but maybe we could lay 'em aside?
I get a feeling we might be heading for the time of our lives
So hop in and hold on tight
C'mon Becky, let's go for a ride

This really is "Our Song".... raised in Christian homes, singing in church, having a prayer journal.... all of it, and now we truly are enjoying "the time of our lives".

Thank you JESUS for allowing us to give our lives for you!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Time is Flyin!!

They say that time flies when you are having fun.... but really I think it flies regardless of how much fun you are having! 

The end September brought out our best Waco friends, two of their kids and our overseer from AMI.  That was a fast and fun trip!  They were the first friends to ever visit, meaning we have developed many friendships after people have arrived in Gulu, but they were the first to come see us.

We gave them the grand tour: house, market, university, neighbors and all our favorite eateries. In Kampala they went shopping with us and we had pizza on Lake Victoria complete with lake flies galore! 

I have also been guest blogger on the Women's ministry blog for our Church in Lubbock.  That was fun! The first post was on "seasons" and the second was a re-post of my blog on Becky Ann.  You can check it out at . There are many WONDERFUL, GODLY ladies that contribute, it is always a good read.

I am still schooling with the girls, visiting neighborhoods, and discipling Kevin and her friend Faith. Faith is expecting soon.... maybe I will be able to add another baby to my list. 

In addition to all this, I have been filling my "free" time with sewing and quilting.  I brought back fabric from the US in July and have been diligently piecing together a quilt for my bed, a small quilt for Emma and another small quilt for my chair.  

I am trying to get a "craft" blog going.... but I misspelled the blog name and I can't decide it I should keep it as a reflection of me, or try and fix it...... opinions?

Now I am focused on the arrival of our next guest in November..... I can't wait for that as well as Thanksgiving. We are planning a huge feast for that day and inviting all our fellow "Munu" friends.  That should be a blast!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Have Patience

Don't ask me how.... but thinking of the Dead Ant joke from the last post caused me to think of another song that I don't know much about.  At some point in my early childhood I learned the "Have Patience" song.

Here are the Words:

Have patience, have patience
Don't be in such a hurry.
When you get impatient
You always start to worry
Remember, remember
That God is patient too
And think of all the times
When others have to wait on you!

I have only met one other person, except my mother, who knew this song.  Mr. Kely Braswell sang it this summer while we were waiting on dinner to get ready, and I was SUPER excited to know that I was not the only one who had heard it!!

So if you recognize the lyrics and can give me more info on who sang it, how to find it.... anything, I would be ever so thankful!

Dead Ant...

Can anyone remember the joke that had the : dead ant, dead ant punch line that was sung to the Pink Panther tune??...  Well I was wishin' I had a reason to sing it the other day. 

It all started at night.  Kent and Brian ( the restaurant guy) were about to leave when they were attacked by fire ants. ( not the big red west Texas kind hat hurt when they bite, but the small yet equally painful type that swarm and attack you in large groups). The girls and I realized that there was trouble in paradise, when the guys came running up the steps, stripping off their pants yelling at us to turn off the lights.

After they had checked and double checked to make sure that they had removed all of the ants that had congregated in their tighty-whiteys, they proceeded to tell us how they were innocently standing in the drive way when they began experiencing pain in some very sensitive areas.  After they had redressed, we looked out on the sidewalk and discovered that it was moving.... like it was covered in small, black, swarming ants! CRAZY....

The next day the girls discovered this in the yard:

It was a pathway traveling from under the pomegranate tree to under the orange tree.  You can see the "walls" of the path with a steady stream of ants flowing in one direction.

Zoom out a little way and the path really begins to develop. See here there is even a fork in the road.
 Zoom out a little more, and you are looking at the Great Ant Wall of Uganda.  It was amazing..... I had to fight off a little panic as I started to imagine them invading my house, but I got over it quickly.

Antioch, Gulu

Sundays have been getting crazier and crazier... two weeks ago we had 45ish kids... last week we had almost 60!  Fortunately it is not just Miriam and myself any more.  We have added to our children's ministry team: Gladys and Francis.  THANK YOU JESUS!

This is Miriam with one of our babies... we have been trying to teach all the children in one large group, but now that help has arrived we will split into two groups.

After serving some ump-teen years in Children's Ministry both in Lubbock and in Waco, I  have TONs of experience.... I am a pro when it comes to planning, and preparing to teach children in America. In Uganda, however, we don't have the luxury of toy-filled nurseries, so finding ways to teach and entertain 20+ children in a dusty construction zone for an hour or more is a weekly challenge!
Every Sunday the children usually worship with the adults. After worship, baptisms and offering the children are dismissed to Sunday school.  Miriam usually tells the story, in both English and Luo. Then after she tells the story and asks the kids some questions, we color. We currently have a bag full of crayons that the children pass around. Every one gets 2-3 crayons and then they share/trade with their neighbor. Then while they are still coloring we have a snack. 
This is Baby Girl with her friend Rose.  Is is fun to see the girls developing friendships, even with the language barrier.
Ummmm..... this is the baptismal.  It works well, and it about the only other thing at our church picture worthy at the moment.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A day in the life of....

Most days start with Jesus time.  I get up, fix some tea and snuggle down into my big chair tucked into the quite corner of my bedroom.  I have my Bible, two journals, my ipod and my colored pens.  There is also the occasional book and stack of blank notecards. Sometimes I have the joy of having the whole morning to myself, other days I get to share it with one of the "babies".  (I wonder if we will ever stops calling the last to babies?)

After Jesus time, is breakfast.  Most mornings it is cereal.  We by boxes and boxes of it when we are in Kampala once a month. Mainly Kellogs Corn Flakes, but Kent and the big girls like this granola type cereal. On weekends we have the "special" cereal : Cocoa Pops.  We usually make pancakes once a week and of course there is always eggs!
As you can see, we love the master mix recipie and the pancakes we make from it. After breakfast we have God time. God time is the family devotional time, which is different from personal Jesus time. Right now we are in Genesis. After we pray it is off to the school room. 

We do all the group stuff first.  Then the big girls work on their books while I help the babies with their books.  When Curly Sue is done with her assignments for the day, she and Sunggle bug head to the living room for playtime.  I have to be careful, otherwise I will sit and work till way past lunch time!  If the girls don't need much assistance, then I will work on a projet of some kind. I can't stand not having something to do, but I try not to leave the school room. If  I leave, the girls usually will start playing, so I try and stay as much as possible.

Lunch.... Untill recently lunch was either: leftovers, rice or a sandwhich. Sandwhiches are either PB&J's or tuna.  However, last month we discovered yummy lunch meat in Kampala, so we can now add that to the menu. With our sandwhiches we have one or two of the following:  pickles, fruit, popcorn, chips, carrots or the occasional cookie.

Afternoons vary depending on the day, most are filled by finishing school, washing dishes, preparing for supper, and my favorite activity: crafting. On Wedendays  I take a Boda Boda (motercycle taxi) into town and spend time with Miriam, our children's church teacher. We talk about the next lesson, and then we will go and visit some of the children from church at their homes.  Today I scheduled a weekely Bible Study for Friday afternoons with my neighbor and her friend. That will be a fun time!!

Evenings, after supper are usuallly spent taking baths, playing games, watching movies or reading a book. There have been many nights when the power is out and Mommy reading a book it the only source of entertaiment.  We really enjoy those nights.

Saturdays are chore days. We usually do one or more of the following tasks:  sweep and mop, clean bathrooms, scrubb bathmats and rugs, wash sheets, dry and put away clothes, work in the garden or flower bed.  Lest you worry about the picture below..... I didn't wash all those clothes. 

Our neighbor across the street uesd to wash our clothes, but they NEVER had enough time to dry, so they would always come back smelling mildewed.  So we started picking them up sooner so we could dry them ourselves.  This week Kevin started washing, at our house so they could dry... completely.  It has ben WONDERFUL wearing clothes that didn't smell gross!
I wasn't part of this Peanut planting party, but I did harvest the beans that used to be planted there! To plant peanuts (or g-nuts as they are called here) you need a partner. One digs the hole and the other one puts the seeds in the ground.

After chores we have free time.  I craft or start cooking while the girls get filthy playing with their friends from the neighborhood.

Sundays we have Church, then we have lunch, by the time we get home from all that there is just enough time to take a quick nap before starting to cook supper.

Well that is a quick look at my day in the life of  a: Stay at home mom... who is also a teacher... who is also trying to teach people how to follow Jesus!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Kevin and Baby

( small disclaimer... I am writing this late at night AND the spell check is not working.... so who knows what my spelling will be like!!)

My neighbor's name is Kevin... she is a woman. She is an amazing woman and is also my friend! A week and a half ago I had the priveldge and honor of praying with her to recive salvation.  Three days later I had the blessing of delivering her baby.

The action started around midnight on Tuesday night. She called saying the pain was increasing, so I went over to her house for a first hand look at how close her contractions were.  Kevin is a first time mom, so when the contractions weren't too close together, I told her how to time them, and then told her to call me again when they were closer together.

I need to take the time to explain that Kevin was not alone, I am not cruel and heartless. She has a family friend that has been living with her for the past few months to help keep house as well as help with the baby when she arrived.  Her name is Kevin, too.

At three AM the phone rings again, and Mamma Kevin ;) says that the pain is too much.... she has thrown timing the contractions out the window, and is ready to go to the hospital.  After hearing MANY horror stories about some of the "free" hospitals, we asked if we could take her to the "private" hospital.

We arrived, and she was immeadeatly seen by the Doctor.  Kevin and I sat in the hall, while the DR examined her and determined that she was in true labor, and that she should be admitted to the hospital.  When he came out into the hall, I asked if either Kevin or I could be with Mamma Kevin, while she was delivering. He seemed shocked that I would ask! I explained that I was willing to gown up or whatever I needed, but we REALLY wanted one of us in the room.... we didn't want her alone. He gave me a vauge response about asking the gyn. and then started having the staff prepare the labor room.

He decided that since she was a "first timer" that he would check the baby's heart beat every hour, and then he would check her progress in about four hours. That being settled, he left and we all three walked down the hall to the labor room.  As soon as we entered, Mamma Kevin stripped down to her birthday suit, no back less hospital gown, no blanket.... Nothing!  THAT was a new experience for me, to say the least!

In Gulu, if you want your doctor to have supplies, and you don't want to have to pay and arm and a led for them you bring them yourself!  I can't imaginge with all the other thinking and planning a new mom has to do in preperation for a trip to a hospital, having to pack: gloves, gause, wool, plastic bed covers, toilet paper....... the things we take forgranted.

Mamma Kevin was amazing!  Once she realized that she was bleeding, she had Kevin place the plastic sheet on the bed.  While having intense contractions, we told me to put on a pair of gloves and start rubbing.... um... rubbing her bum.  I can barely think straight when I have pain meds..... she had nothing, and was still able to think!! 

We were in the labor room, (which is literaly two non-ajustable, metal beds; two baby warmers; a sink and a couple of chairs) for about..... 45 minuets, when she felt the urge to push.... She pushed, I suggested that maybe she shouldn't, to which she replied that she couldn't help it, it was happening on it's own. Kevin ran to get the doctor, he ran in and realized that she couldn't walk and ran to get the gurney.  By the time he returned, the baby had arrived and I had caught her!

Everyone was totally caught off gaurd..... remember, they were going to check the HEART BEAT in an hour and check her PROGRESS in 4 hours.  She was a "first timer" and the doctor said that she set the record for the fastest first timer.... like EVER.
I followed a doctor & the baby to the delivery room, and left the Kevins in the labor room with another DR. Kevin's  doctor was having to try SOO hard to keep everything steril and clean while he checked everything out. He didn't even take the time to put on a gown, or anything... he just had the nurse tuck his tie into his shirt! 
I had to help the nurse and Dr.  that was with the baby learn how to use the scale! (I think everyone was extremely frazzled by the sudden apperance of the baby.) When we finally got the baby on the correct scale, she weighed in at a whopping.... 2.4 Kilos.... or 4.9 ish pounds!..... Sweet Pea weighed twice that!! That may have something to do with why she slipped out so quickly.
So the fun part about all this.......

Mamma Kevin and baby have the same birthday! I think it is so much fun when that happens!!  Kent and the my girls decorated the porch for their arrival.

The baby's name.... Her local name is Apoyo Rot which means "thank God"
Her "Christian" name is Becky Ann.
How everwith two Kevins and two Beckies arround we would all be so confused,
so her nickname is "Acuc" wich means "Small one"

Acuc at one week old!

Happy Birthday Curly Sue & Sweet Pea

Movin right along.... we have CS and SP's birthday!! We were traveling in Kampala on CS actual birthday, and our friends couldn't come on SP's birthday, SO we celebrated on the day in between!!  This time the creative present presentation was......

Wrapping Fabric!  Gracefully draped in the largest cut of fabric that I had, was the best way to give the girls gifts. It was awesome... We had Pizza and Kool-aid for dinner and then cake and.... ICE CREAM for dessert!  Yes, you read that right..... Daddy somehow managed to find ice cream, in our city, that hadn't been thawed and re-frozen a million times.  It was very tasty!

We even had balloon games.  This was the second round. Brian missed the first round, so we willingly played again! We tried to see whose balloon could go the farthest, as well as a relay walking with a balloon between your knees. Everyone had a good time. After games and cake, we took time to love on, encourage and pray for both the girls..... that was really sweet.

Happy Birthday Snuggle Bug

Ok.... I know I am a little late in posting... .but better late then never, right??  So this was SB's 4th birthday party.  When there is not a Walmart around the corner, you have to get creative with the present presentation, so we planned a "scavanger hunt" that led the guest of honor all around the yard, and even had a few gifts tucked here and there.

While she was out hunting, I decorated for the party.... the tablecloth, cake and the remaining presents were displayed as elegently as I could make them.  She was tickled pink when she finished her hunting and came into her "party".  That is one of the nice things about living simply... anything can be exciting!!!
The trio blocks that she got were a HUGE hit!!! They all love playing with them and they loved the bead "pop-arty" too..... only they don't use the beads to make jewlery, they sort tnem and then "serve" them as food. :)  Today I was treated to a FEAST!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sweet Pea's Baptisim

While we were at iCON Sweet Pea was baptized with all our AMI "family" It was sooooo neat to share the experience with liked hearted people.  Everyone squashed into the pool room, and gathered around.  Amazingly enough, no one fell in!  After Jimmy prayed, the daddies took turns baptizing their kids!  SO Cool!!  My daddy baptized me, and it is special that Kent can baptize our girls too!
After everyone that wanted to, was good and wet, we headed out side and people gathered around the kids that were baptized and prayed for them.  Is was super special to hear everyones prayers for our Sweep Pea.
My awesome friend Greg, took all the pictures for me so that I could "sit back" and enjoy the moment!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Whirlwind trip

We stayed few days in Kampala, watching God provide miracles for my Husband by giving our family a ONE YEAR visa, for the cost of a 6 month visa, WITHOUT work papers as well as allowing him to attain a Ugandan drivers license, WITHOUT work papers before we boarded our plane to London.  Cool huh!

London was fast, but we did take the "tube" into Downtown and see Hyde park.  Snuggle Bug slept the ENTIRE time we were in Downtown, and woke up as we were running to catch the last shuttle back to our hotel.  "Mamma, put me down, put me down!"  So I did.  What a trooper. I'm not sure I would have woken up so well.

We landed in Denver and were greeted at the airport by my parents and grandparents.  WOW!!  Emotional! After we got over the excitement of seeing each other for the first time in 6 months, and after we stopped by the hotel to drop off our bags we went to dinner.  CHILI's!!  All I wanted was chips and salsa!  YUMMY!

The next day we left Denver and headed to Keystone, where our international conference was to be held. On the way we crossed over the continental divide.  Of course we had to stop and snap a few pictures.
I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!!  Two of my most favorite people in the whole wide world!!
Of course, being in the states meant seeing all of our family, who so graciously traveled to Colorado and endured our conference schedule. And Of course seeing Grandmas means receiving gifts.... like these totally cool rain slickers!!  These will come in  very handy during rainy season.

Once we arrived in Keystone, we got settled into our condo and prepared for the onslaught of people and activity.  The conference it's self was AMAZING.... really can't even begin to describe that.  It took awhile to really soften up.... I had not been very good at refreshing my self, and I had gotten dry, and hard.  I needed several days in God presence before I was ready to receive all that he had for me.

Our Organisation goes above and beyond when it comes to blessing it's missionary's and their kids.  Our activities included (but were not limited to):
- A trip to the amusement park
- Multiple trips to the ice cream shop
- Paddle boat rides
- Movie night, complete with stacks of boxes of movie candy
- A carnival, complete with sno-cones, cotton candy and popcorn.
- Performances by our talented children: 
- The AMAZING race.  So I need to stop here and tell the story .... The amazing race has become a new iCON tradition. It's activities this year included: fishing for gummy worms using pretzel hooks, tossing shoes, transferring cotton balls, using Vaseline on your nose, threading multiple needles, stacking bolts, and other crazy events..... The first team to finish the 4th or 5th task is given a fast pass to first place. If they choose to take it and they can accomplish the challenge.... they win.  This years team achieved 1st place by eating 25 LIVE EARTHWORMS!!  I thought that stuff only happened on TV.

 Kent's team was proud to come in second. I think they would have lost it they had been challenged to eat earthworms.  Their prize..... tiny trophies and a candy bar each!

-Cereal night!!!  As many of you know.... getting good cereal is a challenge while living over seas. i have blogged about the cost and the lack of variety before.  So you can guess how popular cereal night is!  At icon they raid the cereal isle and buy every sugary cereal on the market, boxes and boxes as well as gallons of milk.  WAY too much fun!!  SO blessed that they think of EVERYTHING!
There were also worship nights, date nights, gondola rides as well as shopping trips to Target and the outlet mall! To say that we were busy that two weeks is and understatement!!