Friday, May 9, 2008


Ok, let's see... I shared a story about Hannah, there is one about Emma..... who's next? Mekala! Tonight we had a friend over for dinner, and the conversation turned to names. Our friend asked each of the big girls what their middle name was. When it was Mekala's turn to answer, instead of saying her name, she thought she would add a little dramatic flair and spell it.

I'm very embarrassed to say that she has inherited my poor spelling skills. (It is the long running joke in my family that both my brother and I got our spelling skills from our Dad.) It was all I could do not to laugh hysterically when she spelled out : R-O-O-F. Apparently when we were working on how to spell her name, we forgot to work on the middle part! For those of you who are wondering how she should have spelled her middle name, it's : R-U-T-H. Close, especially if you say it fast..... but not quite!

However I must take a moment and praise her for a job well done on Wed and Thurs in school. The last few months have been grueling. She some how would turn pages that should take 10-15 minutes into an hour or more! ARGGG! But, Wed we finally had a breakthrough!! When we re-learned that focusing means answering question, after question, after question until the page is finished...................... she was able to finish an ENTIRE page in LESS than 10 min. HURRAY!!!

The next day she was finished with ALL her work before lunch!! WOO HOO! That hasn't happened in alooooooong time! We are extremely excited about next week! Plus..... summer is right around the corner!

Lord, bless Mekala! Give her a desire and passion for learning and knowledge! Be with me, help me make school a fun and exciting experience! I want schooling my kids to be my number one priority until YOU say otherwise! Thank you Lord that you have given me this special opportunity, help me to make the best of it!

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