Monday, May 5, 2008


Ok, I thought I would let you in on the thought process of my 6 year old.

In school we are learning how to write friendly letters. To help in the process I wrote each of the girls a letter, so that they could write me back. In my letter to Hannah, I asked her some questions about a birthday party that I knew she would be going to. One question I asked was, "What flavor was the cake?" Well, I learned, after I had written my letter, that there was no cake at the party. MY response to the cake question would have been something like... "We didn't have cake, but we did have sugar cookies." or whatever. HOWEVER that was not Hannah's response. Her response? "There was no cake, so there was no flavor."

Thank you Lord for my Hannah. May she always see life differently, and add that special something to our lives! Use her to change the world!

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Tressa said...

What a beautiful girl! Your doing such a great job teaching and guiding them!