Friday, April 18, 2008

My how time flies.....

Well, so far I'm not a good blogger.... But now that I have been inspired by my best friend and now mother of three, I think I will try my had at it again.

Life is good. We are on the downhill side of Elevate (the 11 month training school) we will finish in June with our two week outreach to Cozco, Peru. After that we will have most of July and August off, and then we will begin the 6 month Chruch Planting school. Then it is off to Uganda!!

Kent and I had the opportunity to visit Uganda in Feb. It was a truly amazing trip!!! The people are so wonderful and eager for us to come and stay. There is so much that Kent and I will be able to do to help there. We are looking forward to the slower pace of life and the chance to stop and enjoy life once again! (not that we aren't enjoying it now.... it's just hard to going ninety miles an hour!!)

Mekala and Hannah are finishing up 1st and 2nd grade and I am preparing for 2nd and 3rd plus preschool. I am constantly amazed at how much Sarah and Emma are picking up by just sitting around the table! Sarah talks about "subject nouns" and "verbs" like she is a pro. and Emma says her "ABC's ". She is quite amusing to listen too.

Well, I will try to make this a more regular thing... There is so much that God is doing in my life that I would hate for you to miss it!! But time keeps me from sharing it all right now!