Monday, September 29, 2008

Wish List - UPDATED!!

I was laying in bed last night thinking about all the wonderful books that I wanted to add to our collection to be read and treasured by all the girls, when I remembered a box of books in the attic. I just got up there and looked........ I have the Anne of Green Gables books (the first three), and a ton of other great books as well!! (THANK YOU MOM for not letting me throw/give away books!!) We have A wrinkle in Time, The Cricket in Times Square, Strawberry Girl, Mr. Poppers Penguins and many others!!

The Amazon list has more than just the Anne and Little Women series, and it has some movies as well. But don't feel like you have to buy from amazon, it was just a convenient way to keep a wish list. I will keep adding to and taking off the items that we want/receive so that we don't get doubles!! THANK YOU GRANDPARENTS AND AUNTS AND ALL!!!

O. K. I know that I have gone a little crazy on the posts tonight but I have some making up to do!

I have spent the last few weeks listening to Little Women and Anne of Green Gables on my ipod and I have loved it!! I am so into these stories about girls and I can't wait to read them to MY girls. But I don't know how long we will have access to a public library and there are a few that would like to have so we can read them no matter where we are. In order to help acquire all the wonderful books that we want I have started a wish list at The link is over on the right of my blog. With Christmas coming up....... I thought that books would be a great way to compromise between toys and not wanting more stuff to have to pack or store or give away.

After listening to both those books I found myself wanting to use some of the vocabulary in my every day speech. Mekala is suffering the same fate. She is currently reading the Chronicles of Narnia set and is on the last of seven books. (I believe that she has developed the Cunningham love of books!!)

The other day we were in the bathroom when she exclaimed,"It's dreadfully hot in here!"

"Dreadfully, did you just say dreadfully?" was my shocked response. (dreadfully is a very Anne of Green Gables kind of word)

"Yes I did, it's dreadfully hot in here."

"Do you know what dreadfully means?"

"Yes, very bad."

I was so surprised and delighted all at the same time!!! I can't wait to start reading more of these classic books with my sweet girls!!!

The Great Out Doors

Now that it is not 100+ degrees out side the girls have taken to riding their bikes again. For Hannah, riding with out training wheels is a new and recent accomplishment. Today they were on a camping adventure. They had their back packs and their blankets and they rode up and down our little street pretending to travel great distances. And when they arrived at their destination aka the back yard, they took out their blankets and laid down to sleep. Too fun!!

Emma's adventure is a little different than that of her sisters...... the little street by our house is on a hill so everyone does more coasting than riding, including Emma.
She starts at the top, then she gets rolling. She has to hold her feet out to the side because they are too short to actually reach the pedals, but in all reality even if she could reach (Sarah can) she wouldn't be able to keep her feet on because it the pedals turn to fast.

She coasts down the hill and where ever she veers off the pavement and into the grass is where she stops. She hasn't learned the art of steering yet, so some rides are a lot longer than others.

After that she picks up her bike and walks it back up the hill. When she is lucky, Sarah will push her up the hill and then they will switch. Or if she is REALLY lucky Mommy will push her up the hill and then she will get to ride again!

The rest of last weekend...

So we went to the birthday party and our pictures were wonderful interrupted by Pop. The rest of the afternoon was filled with HOURS of soccer games, and dinner. This is Hannah and her friend Annie. at their daddy's soccer game! Hannah and Annie. get along well and love to play in the dirt every weekend at the soccer games.
This is Annie's little bro Jesse. He and Emma are best friends. He gets up set if she isn't at church when he gets there. He is her protector, and has told people to put her down if they happened to be enjoying a cuddle or two. A & J's other bro is in the back ground, Toby. He is Sarah's age but they don't click right now, he is to "boy" and she is to "girl", I think.

Pop has a wonderfully deep, soothing voice that is pleasant to listen to, so of course the the girls had him read as many books as possible while he was here!

This is the reason for Pop's visit!! Mekala got baptized!!!! We are so proud of her and the decision she has made to follow Jesus all the days of her life! You can't see her well in the picture, so I added the arrow to help point out the top of her head. Kent was able to do the honors and I attempted to pray over her but...... I couldn't really say much through all my sobs.

Thank you Lord for Mekala, for the call you have on her life and the desire she has to love you and serve you all of her life!! Mold her in to the Godly woman that you want her do be. Show her both the strengths and weaknesses that you have given her. May you be glorified in ALL that she does!

Birthday Party and Park

The weekend before last we had a birthday party to attend at a park. I took the camera along and took lots of shots, but these are a few of my favorites.......
We joke with Mekala that she is the messy-est eater in our family. She enjoys her food and makes a mess while doing it.... Now I have proof!
Look at that sweet face! Emma loves going to the park!! I think she could slide for hours.
Here is Sarah.... I wanted to get a shot of all of the girls lined up with their back to me like Sarah below.... but we had a major distraction and I never could get them back in picture mode.

Friday, September 19, 2008


OK, Here is the latest in the Forester Clan Adventure.....

We started school. Kent and I are in class most weekdays from 8:30 - 12:30 am.

We are closer to having our school tuition paid. Keep praying for God's provision.

Mekala and Hannah enjoy schooling with our good friends. They get done so much faster now because there aren't two little people to distract us.

Sarah and Emma are at the Church two days a week and we think we have a babysitter for the other two. PTL!!!

I have been writing the preschool curriculum for ACC, for the last three weeks. I really love it!! But it takes away my writing creativity from my blog. I only have three weeks left, and then things will be back to normal. I hope.

Kent started working for Every Tribe again. Here is their link: EveryTribe. The web site isn't completely up to date, but you get the idea. He is totally in his element at this job!

Well I think that is the latest. Emma recovered from her any bites and we haven't seen the ants since. We decorated for fall today. I love this time of year.

Oh, I got an email from Discount School Supply today asking that I add a link to their web site. I talked about the site in my Rainbow Fun blog. But I thought I would add it here for those who read it but might not go back and look it up again. (Yes, I just learned how to add a link, and I am enjoying my new skill.... Thanks Tressa!!)

Ok now I really think that is all. We are going to a park in the morning, I want to take pictures. If I do I will post them up!

More Preparation ??

Yes, I know, this is a creepy looking spider. The picture doesn't do justice to how really creepy this spider is! I would try and hold up a quarter or something to show you, if I weren't scared that it would jump out and attack me. Fortunately this guy isn't in our house. He is only on the side of our shed. We checked out several books on spiders at the library today in hopes of learning more about it. So far I know that it is: ugly, yellow and black and it can sew a mean zig-zag stitch!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I thoroughly believe that God is preparing us for Africa. He must be. There can be no other explanation!

My darling sweet Emma had had a rough couple of days, I think that we all find that "when it rains it pours". Emma got a summer cold over the weekend, so now six days into it she has the perfect red nose for a Puffs Plus commercial: red, swollen, crusty and runny all at the same time. On Tuesday night right before bed she fell and busted her lip, add that to the perfect nose...... Wed morning she wakes up with her eye swollen and puffy and my first thought is "OH NO it's PINK EYE!" but upon further examination we realized that she had been bitten by an ant. No let me correct that.... several ants. She has a bite on her : finger, arm, three on her back, her ear and her eye. Needless to say I felt like I had a lot of explaining to do when I dropped her off in childcare today! It isn't a pretty picture!

So enters the preparation part. This same ant attack happened to Hannah a few months ago. She woke up one morning complaining that an ant had bit her on the elbow. And just like with Emma, during the day we began to notice more and more little pussy pockets popping up in places! The night after Hannah's attack I was trying to convince her that she would be fine when I was assaulted on my toe.

This morning, just after discovering Emma's wounds I tried to get dressed only to discover that I had ants in my pants. And no I don't mean I couldn't sit still.

Did I mention the fact that we had company last night and as they were sitting on the couch the ants maliciously attacked them, and they don't even live here!!

Oh and we can't forget the bathroom! The girls have a constant stream of ants in the bathroom, and today the ants ambushed the big girls while they were in the shower!

It took us twenty minuets to de-ant the girls bed tonight before we could put them in it! Hopefully nothing will be able to penetrate past the huge barrier of ant poison that we sprayed around the bed.

We are at war. Pray that we can win this battle!

Lord, help us deal with the ant problem! Send them to the kitchen, send them to the bathroom, anywhere but my children's beds!! Please protect them tonight as they sleep. May this prepare us for what ever we might find in Africa!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Homeschool Thursday

UGGGG! I can't believe that the week has already gone by!! Sorry Grandmas and Aunts and any other faithful readers!! I am so exhausted that I don't even have anything fun and inspiring to say today.

This isn't homeschool related, but just so every one knows..... we started the second part of our 18 month training, to go over seas. Class if from 8:30 - 12:30 Tues - Friday (four days a week).

We still have several needs for all you prayer warriors out there :

$4000 dollars for tuition & a Tue/Thur baby sitter!

We have a retreat with our class this weekend..... Pray that God will change lives!
I'll try to post more once my head stops spinning.

Lord, please give me the grace to handle this next season of our lives. May I keep my eyes on YOU and not on all the day to day tasks that seem overwhelming! I need your creativity and focus to get everything accomplished each day. May I truly learn how to depend on you to be my all in all!