Saturday, May 3, 2008

The writing on the wall.....

It is amazing how much damage a one year old can do in a matter of a few moments!!

While cleaning up after breakfast this morning (Strawberry & Banana Pancakes, yum yum) I went down the hall to change out the laundry when I heard a strange sound.... like somthing scraping across the wall. I look up to see little Emma standing guiltily in her room with a hot pink sharpie in her hand. I walked into the room expecting a small scribble where she had just been standing. ===>

Instead, I find her work of art all down the entire length of the wall!! I was dumbfounded. I think all of my children have expressed themselves at least once on the wall, but never this much and never with a permanent marker!
Life is definitely more interesting with four busy bodies in the house!!
Thank you Lord for my four beautiful children, and the patience you teach me through them! They are a huge blessing!! May I always be able to learn more about You, Your love and Your patience through my role as a parent!!


Angus Mhor said...

Hey, Foresters! This is great! I'm glad you're blogging..please keep it up..I'll be sending your link to the Conely clan..AAaah, strawberries..we used to pick them in Va. Beach when we were stationed there, oh, a couple of decades ago.

mideastmom said...

Boy, can I identify! Our fourth has also been our most prolific wall-draw-er. I think it's because his siblings left writing utensils accessible constantly. Fortunately, we've *finally* left that phase, although there were times that it felt like it would go on forever.