Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pictures from Lamay

We were in the Scared Valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains like this one!. Yes, these animals are going in this house. We saw several scenes like this, where a herd of animals were either going in, or coming out of some one's house. Incredible!! Typical woman carrying a bundle/baby on her back. Team members walking in front.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Loss for Words

The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster for me and my family. In the middle of the frantic last minute details of packing for an overseas trip, we had a family emergency develop.

A dear close friend of our had a few moments of weakness that snowballed into out of control indulgence. It came out of left field and it rocked our world. I have never experienced anything like it.

I can't even begin to describe the agony my heart felt as I cried out to Jesus on behalf of our friend. Even now, the thought, rips my heart apart and brings tears.

BUT there is a "bright side". Any situation that allows you to see God's provision (again) is good. Through connections Kent has here in Waco, he was able to fly directly to Lubbock to be there and encourage our friend. Finding the connection was a miracle in and of it's self, but it gets better.

God provided the $ to cover the cost of the fuel (Jet fuel is expensive!). A Friend here in Waco, saw the need for Kent to be there, and he was willing to cover the cost!

Before Kent even left things were already looking better for our friend. Praise the Lord!! He heard the cries of my heart and so many others (Many who don't even know our friend).

Plus, I was able to use this experience to teach my children how to "stand in the gap". We talked about how sometimes people need our help connecting to Jesus!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for filling our lives with awesome friends who are willing to stand in the gap and agree with you for the well being of people they don't even know!! Friends who are willing to go with you into battle! I am so blessed to be where you have put me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Funny Words...

Well I have to share a funny "quote" if you will, from some of the girls.

The other day Mekala was looking at the rocking chair that her Gram gave her on her first birthday, and she told Sarah, "When I'm a grandma, I want my grand kids to call me Grandma Sue." I had a Grandmother Sue (My Grandmother's mother) so this peaked my interest.

"Why do you want to be called Grandma Sue?" I asked. Answer:

"Because that is what it says here on the bottom of my chair." and she pointed to some words.

It read : "Gram sure does love you" Apparently in her brain she read Gram sure as Grandma Sue.


We stopped in to see Kent the other day, who is painting a house for our "lawnmowers" (land lords), when Sarah asked when the armadillos were going to move in. In West Texas that is pronounced: arm-uh-dill-a.

I was thoroughly confused, so I asked her to repeat the question. Again she asked when the armadillos were going to move in.

Kent was quicker that I was at the moment and began to explain that the "Maderas" (ma-deer-as) weren't going to move in, that they were just going to rent it.

I guess the dill-a and deer-a had her a bit confused.


Emma is only just learning how to communicate verbally, but some of her more recognizable phrases are:

Come - which is always followed by a pull on your arm or a pat on her leg (yes like you call a dog)

BeepBeep - which could be easily translated into ExcuseMe. (Say excuse me fast and you'll see what I mean.)

and Poo Poo - which needs no translation, only action, cause usually by that point she has helped get the diaper changing process started by taking it off and putting it in the trash. (And yes that means that she is running around with a dirty hiney!!)

Lord, help me to always remember the cute little things my kids say! They grow so fast, I want to remember them as long as I can.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My Sweet mother-in-law is always sending me and my family things. Holidays just aren't right with out receiving a box in the mail from Gram. She recently sent the girls dresses from her trip to Hawaii. I took pictures of them so she could see them and I thought I would share them with you.

I like the picture of Emma, cause you can see her little "curl" coming in, in the back.

Lord thank you for my mother-in-love. She is such a blessing! She keeps my children clothed, our pantry full and our cabinets stuffed full of goodies. Bless her and Pop. Please give back to them what they have given and more!! Continue to use them to further the kingdom through their finances and all their relationships. Bless them for the time they pour into so many lives!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!

YEA, Tomorrow is my birthday, and you know what, I am OK if no one knows and if nothing is done!! I couldn't have honestly said that in years past, or last year even!

God has recently healed my heart!

Used to I would get sooooo upset if my husband didn't do something, anything for my birthday. Every year we would have to have these long conversations after my birthday (usually several days after, because I wasn't very good about communicating my feelings, and was a "stuffer"). I would tell him how I didn't care if all he got me was a stick of gum, so long a I knew that he stopped and thought about me long enough to pick up the gum and buy it.

I would spend hours mulling over what to get him or how to bless him, or I would think about what he might enjoy..... when it was his birthday, in desperate hopes that he would "return the favor". Then I realized that he just DIDN'T work that way. I was to the point that I was going to throw myself a 30th birthday party, because I didn't think he would think about it and I wanted to celebrate the big 3-0! (He did actually throw me a surprise party with the help of several of my sweet friends) Year after year I would go through the came cycle of emotions: Plan his birthday, wait in anticipation for mine, get dissapointed by the outcome. But this year will be different.

I had an opportunity a month or so ago to address some of the feelings that I felt every birthday (and Christmas, mothers day.....) I began to realize that the root of my disappointment was that I would feel like I was worth more effort than was given. ( I hope this all makes sense) It came out in every day things too. For example, if I ask Kent to make some copies, sometimes it is days before it gets done, if it get done at all. So I begin to ask the question "Am I not worth the time it would take you to make the copies?" (or to plan a party?, or shop for a gift?) I felt like I was not worth the effort. And that resulted in feeling unloved. I had lived with this feeling since childhood, not just since I got married.

Please, don't get me wrong, my point here in not to "bash" my honey, by no means, it is to glorify God, by testifying to his goodness and faithfulness.

But God spoke to me and healed my heart and told me very simply, yet plainly, that:

"I am worth it!"

I know that love isn't found in the actions of others, unless it is Jesus. and HIS action of dying on the cross, to cover MY sins so that I could be with Him in heaven, SCREAMS love!

Thank you Lord for the revelation of my worth in you! It has changed my life! May all those who read this know how much you love them. That they are worth it too. Heal the hurt places in their hearts like you healed mine! May they come to know you in a deeper, more intimate way. WE LOVE YOU JESUS!