Friday, May 23, 2008


While growing up the one thing that I always wished I had was a sister!

Now my house is full of them! I have been praying that they would be close and would develop bonds that would last a life time. That they would want to confide in each other and share secrets with each other. And I think I am finally beginning to see the their relationship deepen.

There have been several mornings that I have seen them laying in bed together talking and giggling. Sometimes it in Hannah climbing in bed with Melaka, other days it is Mekala climbing in bed with Hannah. I just LOVE that they do that!

Tonight Mekala really impressed me..... She and Emma had been playing out in the sand and when they came in she took and put Emma in the bath AND washed her, WITH OUT being asked! WOW!! And then later when it was her turn, she didn't fuss or throw a fit when Emma was back in the bathroom wanting to play some more. She is starting to grow up and mature.

Lord, thank you for establishing good relationships between my girls! I am truly blessed to have children that enjoy each other's company. Please continue to strengthen their friendships! And continue to teach and shape Mekala into the woman that you have called her to be!

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Terisa said...

Becky! It was so amazing to read your blog today. I found myself crying as I read this entry. I asked myself why and so many reasons came to mind - I miss you and the girls, I miss my sis and seeing Hannah and Mikala made me feel close to her and lastly how I long for my children to come!!!

I am so thankful for blogging - I feel close to you all and love hearing how life is going for you all. Thanks for sharing!!!

Love ya,