Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jesus in Me

Captains log, stardate 051408, this is Captain Picard........ when I am talking about my blog, that is what pops into my brain. I grew up on "The Next Generation". There were other shows too that we always watched as a family, but that was one of my favorites. I think I liked it because my Dad liked it and I wanted to have a connection with him.

I see the same things in my kids. I love being crafty, so does Hannah. Kent loves soccer, so does Hannah. (or at least that's what she says). I love to sing, Mekala loves to sing. Kent loves fishing, Mekala loves fishing. And on it goes.

It is scary and humbling to think that there are little people that are watching my every move, making choices based on my actions! To think that the things that they see me do now, will affect how they choose to do things later in life....... I can only hope that most of what they see is Jesus in me, and the times they don't, that I am humble enough to admit that I was wrong. I want them all to live for Jesus.

Lord, my heart aches for my children to know you. I want them to know you intimately. Meet with them, even now. God, continue to reveal yourself to them: your power, your mercy, your faithfulness, your love, your sacrifice, your forgiveness. Help me be a better reflection of you, not only for my children, but for everyone I come in contact with!!

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