Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the Count Down

Well, we have started drama practice, have gotten several packing lists and restrictions, we have started purchasing a few things....... it's getting closer to "go" time!

We leave June the 14th (we have baggage weigh-in on our 10th anniversary) and we won't return until June 28th. Pleases be praying for us! This is the prayer card that we will be sending out. We would love as many saints praying, as we can get. Ooooh Oooooh, you could leave a prayer comment. That would be cool!!!!

Lord I ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to fill each team member. That we all would be used in mighty ways to share the gospel and bring GLORY to your name! May we speak with boldness and gentleness all at the same time. USE US LORD!!


Kelly said...

I have an aunt and uncle in Peru who have been missionaries there for something like 2o years now. That is exciting. I said a prayer for your team just now.


p.s. thanks for your comment

Anonymous said...

You're in our prayers daily, especially when you guys are out of reach.
We pray for safety and encouragement while you and the others follow the Lord's calling.

People need people, especially to show and tell them of the Lord's love and saving grace.

God Bless, Gram & Pop