Monday, October 31, 2011

Blessings in a Bag

So, remember how my last blog post talked about ice cream..... and how Kent always asks for "Blue Bell" .... Well this was my Mother-in-loves fix for that.... always creative.  An Ice Cream maker, and it doesn't doesn't require ice!  HOW COOL is that?!?!  Ice is always in short supply in our town!

 With Summer teams we always get goodies.  Gram always sends stuff.  I order things that I need for school, or gifts for the girls.  Usually we are limited to one or two bags.
 But those bags can hold some AMAZING things!  Like YUMMY cereal!  Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds and Honey Nut Cheerios are two of our MOST favorite flavors!
And Corn chips...... so wonderful!  I miss me some chips and salsa! crayons, tang, mac and cheese, spices..... the list goes on and on.  I LOVE the personal things too.  Like my dad sent our old recorders and a pitch pipe as well as his piano book!
 One of the best items that those bags bring is.... BIBLES!  They are so expensive here, so we try and have the teams bring over English NIV bibles, so that we can use our bible money for purchasing Acholi Luo bibles. Oh the blessings of short term teams!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Stay"cation part 2

A trip to the "big city" is never complete with out ice cream.... and since we were still on "vacation" we went for the mambo-jambo sundays at Java's.  ;)

Sharing ice cream has always been a family favorite ever since..... well it just always has! (Remember Braums?) When people ask Kent what they can bring us, he always says "Blue Bell".  So far, no one has ever brought any.    ;)

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Stay"cation part 1

Mid July was the only time all summer we had a few weeks (two to be exact) in between teams. Our hope was to have a fun trip to the coast, part of our push-pull methods....  But it didn't work out, so we stayed in Kampala instead.  We went for pizza one night and the girls were able to make their own pizzas... super fun being chefs!
 Waiting for the process to begin.
 Suiting up! Can't be a chef with out an apron.

 Flour faces!

 Daddy checking the progress!
 Adding the topings
 Whoop! In the oven it goes!
 The finished product..... wallah.
SB was having a breakdown at this point, so she didn't make the final picture.

Friday, October 21, 2011

T-shirt painting

This summer.... yes I know it is fall...... Our wornderful Waco grandparents sent the girls some great craft goodies.  Each girl got a t-shirt and had the joy of designing their own shirt.  I am always torn between, helping so much that it is done well, but is not their own creation, and letting them try on their own and then being dissapointed with their results..... This time I did both!
 Sunggle bug choose the fish stencil and the paint colors, but I did the work.
 Baby girl was and independent help what so ever!
 Snuggle bug in the creative process....
 Curly also received no outside help....

 Baby girls final shirt..... I need Jesus. (the white is a dove)  Later she added John 3:16.
Curly Sue has "joy" with some leaves and a heart for the "o"

I added everything SB wanted, clouds, bubbles, "movement" lines and the "water" underneath.

THANKS MAMA LINDA for the wonderful goodies.... sorry I took so long to post them!  LOVE TO PAPA KENT!