Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brain Dead!

(Small disclaimer..... I can't get the spellchecker to work... so read at your own risk, and please don't judge me.... it is genetic, ask my Dad!! )

I am absoultly amazed at how draining class is for me right now! We are ONLY in class from 8:30 - 12:30 in the morning with several breaks.

The result.... I am not near as orginized, creative or thoughtful! To think that is has almost been a month since my last post is, well I want to say shamefull, but really it isn't, maybe dissapointing is a better word.

We only have 7 more days of class, and then it is ..... Christmas break. Whooo HOOO!

Please don't get me wrong the class is AMAZING!!!! I wouldn't NOT change the class for anything, just maybe the schedule.

There have be so many "posts" that I have wanted to write.... but I just never had the energy or creativity. Some of them would have been ( and might still be - in 7 days :) the following:

- Up date in the fish and Kent's Malaria
- Girls at thanksgiving.... playing in leaves and making oreo turkeys.
- More of Emma's potty training adventures
- Reflections on the awesome things that God is doing in my heart!!
- South Africa status
And from today....
- Mekala's birthday party! (this will be a definant post later!)

Well that is all for now..... Don't give up on me. I "blog" while I am trying to go to sleep!