Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Zoomies......

My mother has a papillon (Pap-E-on), and when these little dogs have energy to burn they literally run in circles. Around the couch, around the table, what ever. Papillon owners lovingly call this "the zoomies". I don't have a papillon, but there are occasions where we have the zoomies in our house.

Enter Sarah. Today she had the zoomies. She ran laps around the couch all by her self. No one was chasing her........... no one had asked her to......... there was no prize for the most laps......... she just had to run! Sarah has a gift. A beautiful gift, one that I regularly enjoy using and watching.

Sarah can entertain herself for hours! Even as a little(r) girl I would hear her in the backseat playing who knows what, all by herself. She even makes all her own sound effects! In her zooming today she was an airplane, she even had the engine noises!

Which reminded me of truly how gifted she is. She can make all the cool airplane, truck, and animal noises, just like a boy. She has no fear, just like a boy. She has the energy of a boy, and yet she can be as dainty as a flower, and sweeter than sugar. My dad says she has "pizzaz"! And I think he is right. I can't think of a better word to describe my little bundle of joy!

In Sarah, my husband and I have the best of both worlds! God knew that Kent would need some one athletic to play sports, and I would need the sanity that comes from having all girls!

Thank you Lord for my family! You hand picked each of my children, gave them each their own talents, tastes, interests and personalities. They are each a special gift from you! Bless Sarah, may her energy and determination be used to further your kingdom. May she make a difference in all that she does!

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