Wednesday, January 14, 2009

South Africa Part 2

We have been really busy. We go out to Ocean View twice a day. Once after our team meeting in the morning and then again after lunch. Some times Kent and I go together and sometimes I go with the other ladies.

I led my first person to Jesus today!!! It was really exciting. I was with my lady friends, (sometimes it is hard to get a word in if I am out with Kent ;) but they knew I wanted to pray with some one.... I just need a chance.

We have prayed for several people that were healed!! Ashma, affects from stroke, injured arms.... GOD IS AWESOME!!!

The people here are wonderful!! I wish I had the words and the time to describe them and their city. They are very friendly, they all invite you in, and once we were even offered tea!!

It was really exciting to come blog and see that there were so many encouragements ( aka comments) from you all! Keep them coming.

Kent may add his own blog post one day... We want you to hear his experience as well!!

Be blessed until next time!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

South Africa Part 1

YEA! After a really, really REALLY long plane ride, we finally arrived in SA!

The girls traveled well. Actually they did a lot of sleeping, so it went really smooth. Emma was walking down the breeze way in Atlanta with her hands in her pockets and she tripped and fell. She started screaming and bleeding (and got blood on my shirt), but it didn't last long, and then we were able to get on the plane. That was the most traumatic event that happened during our travels.

After a Long flight from Atlanta to Dakar and another flight from Dakar to SA we arrive and immediately had an opportunity to minister and stretch our faith. When going through the pass port lines, we saw a woman that was receiving CPR from the local EMS team. Kent went out and asked to pray over her with her husband. I was so proud of him going for gold the minute he got off the plane!! Unfortunately the woman didn't make it, and Kent has had to work through some of that. but GOD is good!!!

On the ride to our house Emma got car sick and threw up on my shirt. (It went well with my shirt). Kent at this point was still at the airport because 1 of our 3 pieces of Luggage was missing. Can you guess who's was missing??? OURS. I had to sleep in a Funky, bloody, vomit, well traveled shirt the first night here. BUT is could have been soooooo much worse. The bag finally came a few days later, I couldn't wait to put on CLEAN clothes.

We have had some great times of meeting people so far. WE are working in a little township called Ocean View. There are lost of Christians and Muslims living in the area. We are trying to meet with the Muslims to share with them the "Signs" that Alla says they should follow. It is fascinating to use their own bible to lead them to Christ.

The Christians that we have met are all strong believers. However, the people of Ocean View need to see revival. There is lots of drug use and drinking in the community.

Pray that people would be open to the Gospel and would realize that there is more to God than a Sunday service.

I will try and write more in a few days!! WE love you all and are so thankful that you are praying for us!!!