Sunday, May 25, 2008

Big Girl Emma

I 'm not sure if I am talented enough to do justice to this morning's events, but I'm going to try!

When I arrived at Emma's classroom this morning after church, she had just gotten her diaper changed. She apparently had kept the workers busy that morning, because she had used all the diapers that I had sent in her diaper bag and was now using diapers out of the Church's stash. Now when it comes to diapers I am a die hard Luvs fan, I think I used Luvs for 3 if not all four of my children, so of course Luvs are all Emma has ever known. Well, apparently the church doesn't buy Luvs, so when the worker ran out of Emma's diapers and had to put on the church's diapers she started having a problem.

Now I have changed many a diaper that wasn't dirtied by one of my children, and in doing so I have had moments where I have had to put a "spare" diaper on a child. The two responses that I usually get are indifference, or frustration. They either don't care what they are wearing, or they are so picky about it that they get upset at having to wear something different. This was not the case with Emma.

Emma's reaction to the strange diaper was one of excitement, so much so that the worker couldn't put the diaper on her, 'cause she kept trying to sit up and look at her new diaper. The worker finally had to give her an extra one to hold so that she could finish putting the diaper on.
As soon as they were done, Emma, immediately started trying to lift up her dress and see how it looked!

She was still trying to check it out when I arrived to get her. Even as the teacher was passing her over the door, she was trying to get her dress up high enough so that I could see her new diaper.
I set her down in the hall, and as I am getting the story from the teacher, she is showing Sarah and trying to get another glimpse herself. Now Emma's dress was long and there was a lot of fabric to get out of the way before the new diaper could be adequately seen, but she was determined to show it off!

Then something clicked. She must have thought that if she got a new diaper, then Sarah must have gotten one too. So grabbed Sarah's dress and lifted it up to see what Sarah was wearing. It was too funny!! I was already laughing at the story the teacher was telling me, and then to see her assault Sarah was hilarious.

Later after she woke up from her nap, she once again examined her new diaper and then proceeded to reexamine Sarah and check out Mekala's wares as well. The saddest part was when, once again she had to be changed and it was back to plain 'ol luvs again.

I now have hope that we we start potty training, the "big girl panties" tactic, might actually work with her. With the others the thought of wearing "big girl panties" did not motivate them very well. Maybe Emma will be different.

Lord, my baby's growing up! (They all are) Help me always be aware of their new needs, and their new "phases" I don't want to miss anything. Help me to train them well now so that their "later" years will be enjoyed by all (including themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Honey, you've done a great job with your "ForesterClan" blog. This is really the first time I've been able to take time and read it all and enjoy the pictures!

It eased the lonesomeness to see you guys!!!