Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Kevin and Baby

( small disclaimer... I am writing this late at night AND the spell check is not working.... so who knows what my spelling will be like!!)

My neighbor's name is Kevin... she is a woman. She is an amazing woman and is also my friend! A week and a half ago I had the priveldge and honor of praying with her to recive salvation.  Three days later I had the blessing of delivering her baby.

The action started around midnight on Tuesday night. She called saying the pain was increasing, so I went over to her house for a first hand look at how close her contractions were.  Kevin is a first time mom, so when the contractions weren't too close together, I told her how to time them, and then told her to call me again when they were closer together.

I need to take the time to explain that Kevin was not alone, I am not cruel and heartless. She has a family friend that has been living with her for the past few months to help keep house as well as help with the baby when she arrived.  Her name is Kevin, too.

At three AM the phone rings again, and Mamma Kevin ;) says that the pain is too much.... she has thrown timing the contractions out the window, and is ready to go to the hospital.  After hearing MANY horror stories about some of the "free" hospitals, we asked if we could take her to the "private" hospital.

We arrived, and she was immeadeatly seen by the Doctor.  Kevin and I sat in the hall, while the DR examined her and determined that she was in true labor, and that she should be admitted to the hospital.  When he came out into the hall, I asked if either Kevin or I could be with Mamma Kevin, while she was delivering. He seemed shocked that I would ask! I explained that I was willing to gown up or whatever I needed, but we REALLY wanted one of us in the room.... we didn't want her alone. He gave me a vauge response about asking the gyn. and then started having the staff prepare the labor room.

He decided that since she was a "first timer" that he would check the baby's heart beat every hour, and then he would check her progress in about four hours. That being settled, he left and we all three walked down the hall to the labor room.  As soon as we entered, Mamma Kevin stripped down to her birthday suit, no back less hospital gown, no blanket.... Nothing!  THAT was a new experience for me, to say the least!

In Gulu, if you want your doctor to have supplies, and you don't want to have to pay and arm and a led for them you bring them yourself!  I can't imaginge with all the other thinking and planning a new mom has to do in preperation for a trip to a hospital, having to pack: gloves, gause, wool, plastic bed covers, toilet paper....... the things we take forgranted.

Mamma Kevin was amazing!  Once she realized that she was bleeding, she had Kevin place the plastic sheet on the bed.  While having intense contractions, we told me to put on a pair of gloves and start rubbing.... um... rubbing her bum.  I can barely think straight when I have pain meds..... she had nothing, and was still able to think!! 

We were in the labor room, (which is literaly two non-ajustable, metal beds; two baby warmers; a sink and a couple of chairs) for about..... 45 minuets, when she felt the urge to push.... She pushed, I suggested that maybe she shouldn't, to which she replied that she couldn't help it, it was happening on it's own. Kevin ran to get the doctor, he ran in and realized that she couldn't walk and ran to get the gurney.  By the time he returned, the baby had arrived and I had caught her!

Everyone was totally caught off gaurd..... remember, they were going to check the HEART BEAT in an hour and check her PROGRESS in 4 hours.  She was a "first timer" and the doctor said that she set the record for the fastest first timer.... like EVER.
I followed a doctor & the baby to the delivery room, and left the Kevins in the labor room with another DR. Kevin's  doctor was having to try SOO hard to keep everything steril and clean while he checked everything out. He didn't even take the time to put on a gown, or anything... he just had the nurse tuck his tie into his shirt! 
I had to help the nurse and Dr.  that was with the baby learn how to use the scale! (I think everyone was extremely frazzled by the sudden apperance of the baby.) When we finally got the baby on the correct scale, she weighed in at a whopping.... 2.4 Kilos.... or 4.9 ish pounds!..... Sweet Pea weighed twice that!! That may have something to do with why she slipped out so quickly.
So the fun part about all this.......

Mamma Kevin and baby have the same birthday! I think it is so much fun when that happens!!  Kent and the my girls decorated the porch for their arrival.

The baby's name.... Her local name is Apoyo Rot which means "thank God"
Her "Christian" name is Becky Ann.
How everwith two Kevins and two Beckies arround we would all be so confused,
so her nickname is "Acuc" wich means "Small one"

Acuc at one week old!


Mary said...

what an experience Becky! That is so awesome. Something you will never, ever forget!!

Starr said...

Becky!!!! Amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this story! I think your post is coming together--ha!

Miss you so much, but love all the stories that you and Kent send our way. No way is Sara 4. Can't believe it.

Love you,
Jen Riley

The E's said...

Wow, what a great memory! The baby is absolutely beautiful. So glad you got to experience that, and thanks for sharing!

selahV said...

Oh my goodness, Becky! You had a blast. I can tell. PTL for you being there to catch her. hariette

selahV said...

Oh my goodness, Becky! You had a blast. I can tell. PTL for you being there to catch her. hariette