Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Snuggle Bug

Ok.... I know I am a little late in posting... .but better late then never, right??  So this was SB's 4th birthday party.  When there is not a Walmart around the corner, you have to get creative with the present presentation, so we planned a "scavanger hunt" that led the guest of honor all around the yard, and even had a few gifts tucked here and there.

While she was out hunting, I decorated for the party.... the tablecloth, cake and the remaining presents were displayed as elegently as I could make them.  She was tickled pink when she finished her hunting and came into her "party".  That is one of the nice things about living simply... anything can be exciting!!!
The trio blocks that she got were a HUGE hit!!! They all love playing with them and they loved the bead "pop-arty" too..... only they don't use the beads to make jewlery, they sort tnem and then "serve" them as food. :)  Today I was treated to a FEAST!

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