Sunday, August 8, 2010

Whirlwind trip

We stayed few days in Kampala, watching God provide miracles for my Husband by giving our family a ONE YEAR visa, for the cost of a 6 month visa, WITHOUT work papers as well as allowing him to attain a Ugandan drivers license, WITHOUT work papers before we boarded our plane to London.  Cool huh!

London was fast, but we did take the "tube" into Downtown and see Hyde park.  Snuggle Bug slept the ENTIRE time we were in Downtown, and woke up as we were running to catch the last shuttle back to our hotel.  "Mamma, put me down, put me down!"  So I did.  What a trooper. I'm not sure I would have woken up so well.

We landed in Denver and were greeted at the airport by my parents and grandparents.  WOW!!  Emotional! After we got over the excitement of seeing each other for the first time in 6 months, and after we stopped by the hotel to drop off our bags we went to dinner.  CHILI's!!  All I wanted was chips and salsa!  YUMMY!

The next day we left Denver and headed to Keystone, where our international conference was to be held. On the way we crossed over the continental divide.  Of course we had to stop and snap a few pictures.
I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!!  Two of my most favorite people in the whole wide world!!
Of course, being in the states meant seeing all of our family, who so graciously traveled to Colorado and endured our conference schedule. And Of course seeing Grandmas means receiving gifts.... like these totally cool rain slickers!!  These will come in  very handy during rainy season.

Once we arrived in Keystone, we got settled into our condo and prepared for the onslaught of people and activity.  The conference it's self was AMAZING.... really can't even begin to describe that.  It took awhile to really soften up.... I had not been very good at refreshing my self, and I had gotten dry, and hard.  I needed several days in God presence before I was ready to receive all that he had for me.

Our Organisation goes above and beyond when it comes to blessing it's missionary's and their kids.  Our activities included (but were not limited to):
- A trip to the amusement park
- Multiple trips to the ice cream shop
- Paddle boat rides
- Movie night, complete with stacks of boxes of movie candy
- A carnival, complete with sno-cones, cotton candy and popcorn.
- Performances by our talented children: 
- The AMAZING race.  So I need to stop here and tell the story .... The amazing race has become a new iCON tradition. It's activities this year included: fishing for gummy worms using pretzel hooks, tossing shoes, transferring cotton balls, using Vaseline on your nose, threading multiple needles, stacking bolts, and other crazy events..... The first team to finish the 4th or 5th task is given a fast pass to first place. If they choose to take it and they can accomplish the challenge.... they win.  This years team achieved 1st place by eating 25 LIVE EARTHWORMS!!  I thought that stuff only happened on TV.

 Kent's team was proud to come in second. I think they would have lost it they had been challenged to eat earthworms.  Their prize..... tiny trophies and a candy bar each!

-Cereal night!!!  As many of you know.... getting good cereal is a challenge while living over seas. i have blogged about the cost and the lack of variety before.  So you can guess how popular cereal night is!  At icon they raid the cereal isle and buy every sugary cereal on the market, boxes and boxes as well as gallons of milk.  WAY too much fun!!  SO blessed that they think of EVERYTHING!
There were also worship nights, date nights, gondola rides as well as shopping trips to Target and the outlet mall! To say that we were busy that two weeks is and understatement!!

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Micahl said...

Great update! Cereal night sounds awesome, how great that they think of the practical ways to refresh and encourage you!