Thursday, September 16, 2010

Antioch, Gulu

Sundays have been getting crazier and crazier... two weeks ago we had 45ish kids... last week we had almost 60!  Fortunately it is not just Miriam and myself any more.  We have added to our children's ministry team: Gladys and Francis.  THANK YOU JESUS!

This is Miriam with one of our babies... we have been trying to teach all the children in one large group, but now that help has arrived we will split into two groups.

After serving some ump-teen years in Children's Ministry both in Lubbock and in Waco, I  have TONs of experience.... I am a pro when it comes to planning, and preparing to teach children in America. In Uganda, however, we don't have the luxury of toy-filled nurseries, so finding ways to teach and entertain 20+ children in a dusty construction zone for an hour or more is a weekly challenge!
Every Sunday the children usually worship with the adults. After worship, baptisms and offering the children are dismissed to Sunday school.  Miriam usually tells the story, in both English and Luo. Then after she tells the story and asks the kids some questions, we color. We currently have a bag full of crayons that the children pass around. Every one gets 2-3 crayons and then they share/trade with their neighbor. Then while they are still coloring we have a snack. 
This is Baby Girl with her friend Rose.  Is is fun to see the girls developing friendships, even with the language barrier.
Ummmm..... this is the baptismal.  It works well, and it about the only other thing at our church picture worthy at the moment.


Mary said...

Your kids are getting so big! She looks so grown up in this pic!

The E's said...

Agreed! She's beautiful!

hariette (a.k.a. selahV) said...

What a wonderful story. and in my eyes and need for prayer. Praying the Lord sends forth more laborers for your harvest. It is such a blessing to read what the Forester Clan is doing. May God continue to fill you with love for Uganda and may He place a protective wall around you all as you minister in Christ's name. you bring me joy. hariette