Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dead Ant...

Can anyone remember the joke that had the : dead ant, dead ant punch line that was sung to the Pink Panther tune??...  Well I was wishin' I had a reason to sing it the other day. 

It all started at night.  Kent and Brian ( the restaurant guy) were about to leave when they were attacked by fire ants. ( not the big red west Texas kind hat hurt when they bite, but the small yet equally painful type that swarm and attack you in large groups). The girls and I realized that there was trouble in paradise, when the guys came running up the steps, stripping off their pants yelling at us to turn off the lights.

After they had checked and double checked to make sure that they had removed all of the ants that had congregated in their tighty-whiteys, they proceeded to tell us how they were innocently standing in the drive way when they began experiencing pain in some very sensitive areas.  After they had redressed, we looked out on the sidewalk and discovered that it was moving.... like it was covered in small, black, swarming ants! CRAZY....

The next day the girls discovered this in the yard:

It was a pathway traveling from under the pomegranate tree to under the orange tree.  You can see the "walls" of the path with a steady stream of ants flowing in one direction.

Zoom out a little way and the path really begins to develop. See here there is even a fork in the road.
 Zoom out a little more, and you are looking at the Great Ant Wall of Uganda.  It was amazing..... I had to fight off a little panic as I started to imagine them invading my house, but I got over it quickly.

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The E's said...

totally off topic, but so cool that you have a pomegranate tree!! :)