Friday, October 15, 2010

Time is Flyin!!

They say that time flies when you are having fun.... but really I think it flies regardless of how much fun you are having! 

The end September brought out our best Waco friends, two of their kids and our overseer from AMI.  That was a fast and fun trip!  They were the first friends to ever visit, meaning we have developed many friendships after people have arrived in Gulu, but they were the first to come see us.

We gave them the grand tour: house, market, university, neighbors and all our favorite eateries. In Kampala they went shopping with us and we had pizza on Lake Victoria complete with lake flies galore! 

I have also been guest blogger on the Women's ministry blog for our Church in Lubbock.  That was fun! The first post was on "seasons" and the second was a re-post of my blog on Becky Ann.  You can check it out at . There are many WONDERFUL, GODLY ladies that contribute, it is always a good read.

I am still schooling with the girls, visiting neighborhoods, and discipling Kevin and her friend Faith. Faith is expecting soon.... maybe I will be able to add another baby to my list. 

In addition to all this, I have been filling my "free" time with sewing and quilting.  I brought back fabric from the US in July and have been diligently piecing together a quilt for my bed, a small quilt for Emma and another small quilt for my chair.  

I am trying to get a "craft" blog going.... but I misspelled the blog name and I can't decide it I should keep it as a reflection of me, or try and fix it...... opinions?

Now I am focused on the arrival of our next guest in November..... I can't wait for that as well as Thanksgiving. We are planning a huge feast for that day and inviting all our fellow "Munu" friends.  That should be a blast!


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