Friday, December 24, 2010

Table fit for a King

Before we moved I had heard it rumored that you could show a carpenter a picture of a piece of furniture and they could make it.  So I brought a Pottery Barn catalog with me when we moved, so I would have plenty of pictures to choose from.  But we didn't have anything made right away.  Instead we bought this table with 6 chairs to get us started.
The table was just big enough to fit all our family and our plates.  Serving dishes.... forget it. No room.  But we faithfully used what we had until the oppertunity to upgrade presented it's self.
When we were ready I made a nifty order with pictures, drawings, and even a few arrows... I wish I had been able to keep the page...  the carpenter said "three weeks".  We said GREAT!  It will be ready just in time for our guests from Waco.  But remember we live in Africa..... 'nuff said.

SIX weeks later Kent brings home this:
The first few days it felt like we were eating mile away from each other... but we have now adjusted, for the most part.... games can be hard to play, but you can put all the serving dishes in the middle so that is a plus.
You can't see it in these pictures but the chairs are HUGE~!!!~  I don't know if I wrote down the wrong numbers, or if he misread them but two children can comfortably fit into ONE seat!  Huge I tell you!
And so you don't think we are wasteful.... the old table is now my sewing/craft table and the extra chairs will be modified into end tables for the livingroom after the new year!   I will post on those when they are finished!

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Anonymous said...

That really is the best table ever! -Colleen :-)