Friday, August 29, 2008

Homeschool Thursday (Late)

This.......... is what happens wen Potty Training and Pre-School collide.

Shaving cream is a great textile play medium. It's squishy and smeary and you can color it and color mix it and..... well it's just plain fun.

Look at the smile on that face!! Oh it is a lot of fun. and it smells good too.

Clean up it a breeze, just get a wet rag and wipe down. If need be, you can through the kids in the bath tub, which just extends the fun. IFY..... While playing in the buff, Emma started to have and accident, but stopped and ran to the little potty nearby and "finished" there. YEA we are making progress!

The smooth texture makes a great thing to write in. Sarah practices her name and shapes. And given enough time, she will get creative too....

This is her person. It looks a little like the people Mekala used to draw. It will be interesting to watch and see how her perception on people change through her drawings.

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Starr said...

We like to play in shaving cream around here too, but I've never thought of making it different colors. How fun! Keep your fun ideas coming.