Saturday, August 2, 2008

Quotes of the Day

~I love that Sarah is big enough to talk, but not so big that she know all the "right" words.

The other day, when Sarah wasn't feeling well, I asked her if she was getting a cold.
Her response: No, I think I'm getting a warm, or a hot.


So when I was making home made lasagna one night, she ran up to me in the kitchen and asked:
"Are you making pajamas?" which meant, Are you making lasagna?

And when the lasagna got pulled out of the oven too soon, and was served on every one's plate the, underdone noodles and sloppy sauce was named "Pajama Soup"

(BTW we put the rest of the PJ soup back in the oven and it came out much better)

There are so many more funny things she says, but that is all I can remember right now.


You know that your 2 year old is ready to potty train when she comes in, pats her bottom and says: "I-ant dipe" Translation: I want a diaper. (Which probably means that she is dirty) She won't say the /r/ sound, she just says dipe. Not dip, dipe; like rip and ripe. When you try and get her to say the /r/ sound it is hilarious. dipe.......... errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Just like when Flower teaches Bambi to talk in the Disney movie. Way Cute.

The other day we were headed to her bedroom to get dressed and she ran up to the bed and yelled, "BASE". I wonder where she learned that from..........................?


Tressa said...

Sweet sweet girl! I love the things these kids come up with. Sure does help bring some humor into the daily grind!

Anonymous said...

Honey, thank you for the pictures of Emma's sweet day. Helps us to feel like we were there!

Love, Gram & Pop