Wednesday, August 27, 2008

IT Works!

Just a short little note to share our new discovery last night.

A few MONTHS ago my mom gave mw a wireless mouse and keyboard to use with my laptop (Thank you MOM). When I got it home there were the cord split at one end adn there was a USB end and a stardard purple keyboard end. My laptop has only USB ports. I plugged in the USB and the mouse worked. I Assumed that you had to plug in the purple keyboard end in to get the keyboard to work so I didn't even try the keybaord. So I talked to my brother and he ordered me an adapter that will change the purple keyboard end to the USB end.

When the little adapter thingy came in the mail I hooked it upand pluged it in and tried the keyboard. It didn't work. It gave me some confusing error message that gave the the impresssion that I needed an different adapeter, the expensive that kind that I coldn't afford.

What the message should have said was "Unplug one of the cords, stupid, you are overloading my sensors!" Since it didn't, I put the keyboard aside and tried to be thankful that at least the mouse worked.

Yesterday, the girls started playing a typing game that their Gram sent them (Thank you Gram!) Hannah wanted to pratice on the dicarded keyboard. When she started playing with it, WORDS started appearing on the screen! I couldn't believe it! After all this time... all these blog posts that were typed hunched over my uncomfortable laptop.

NOW I can blog in comfort. WOO-HOO! I'd be blogging like crazy....... if I had more to say that is. Until Tomorrow!

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