Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah

Celebrations started early for Sarah this week. We had to have cake before Daddy left on his camping trip. Kent Drove in from Waco (we are in Lubbock) and arrived at Mimi's house with a bouquet of flowers just for Sarah. ( See my post on Sarah's flower question for a good laugh )

Since Dad rolled in after everyone else was finished with dinner, we opened presents first so that Daddy had time to eat before cake.
Then we had "Fun fetti" cake with buttercream icing. Sarah picked out the cake pan that morning. It is a carriage for a princess. One friend thought that it looked like Mickey Mouse when looked at upside down. It was supposed to be a soft pastel pink and hot pink, but I had a little trouble getting the colors right.

All that was Tuesday night. Today (her actual birthday) we had a play date with two of our friends here in Lubbock. Let me clarify that.... two of MY friends and there were 12 kids total. We love hanging out with our friends. We went to Legacy Play village and had a blast. We were at the park for almost 4 hours.

Getting ready to go down the twisty slide.
Sarah and her sweet friend M. They got separated once while at the park, and M came and asked me to help her find Sarah. We found her running around the "castle" yelling out M's name. It was so sweet that they were looking for each other.

All we had to do was invite two of mommies friends and we had a birthday party!

Dinner was at our favorite Lubbock restaurant! WE love Furr's and my Papa takes us every time we come to visit. Sarah loves the Mac'n'cheese and the mashed potatoes.

My Papa has been treating his family to Furr's since my mom was a little girl, and now he gets to take his Great-grand babies! Live is GOOD, right?!? Special memories.
Then to top it all off she had special lion cookies that Mimi bought for just for Sarah's birthday. Too cool. Over all I think she had a great day!

Lord, thank you for my Sweet Sarah! She is such a joy. May she always have pizazz and energy to spare. Use her personality to draw people into your kingdom. May she never have a fear of man, and always find her love and acceptance in you!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our favorite 4 year old!!!!

Looks like you had a wonderful day.

Gram & Pop can't wait to see you.
Save us some pictures.

Love & Kisses!!!!!!

Tressa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!! You are such a beautiful girl!!

AMBER said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH!!! I cannot believe our girls are 4. It's amazing how time flies. It looks like you guys had a great time.