Monday, August 4, 2008

Promotion Sunday

Yesterday was promotion Sunday at church. Everyone got to move up to the next class or grade level. Sarah moved from the Turtles to the Foxes. She was EXTREMELY excited about this transition. When she noticed that she and her sisters were all ready for church, she asked me why we hadn't left yet. I told her we were waiting on Daddy. She RAN into our bathroom and started jumping around like there were ants in her pants, explaining to her Daddy how: (big breath) we HAD to get to church, because she was going into the foxes, and could he hurry so that we could go, so that she could go to the foxes cause she isn't a turtle anymore now she is a fox. And this statement ended with an "I'm so Excited!" as she ran towards the front door to wait.

In honor of promotion Sunday the elementary kids had wacky hair day. Mekala honestly could have won (if there had been a contest), not that I was comparing. We really fixed her hair crazy, complete with blue streaks. It was great!

Hannah didn't want the wacky hair that I gave her. We put 4 top knots down the middle of her hair, it looked way crazy, but it was a little too much for her, so she opted to just wear a hat.

Mekala's top knot.


Anonymous said...

Let the girls know that Gram thought they were quite "wacky" fashionable and "wacky" beautiful!!

Pop said Hee Haw to the cowgirl hat!

Tressa said...

That is some CRAZY HAIR!!! You're right, if there was a contest, she might have won!