Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday EMMA

Just in case you wanted to know I thought I would give you a run down of Emma's birthday celebration.

I would say that the celebration began this morning, but actually it didn't. It began last night when Mekala and Hannah stayed up late and decorated the kitchen and her chair.

Then this morning she woke up to a treasure hunt. (Apparently this will be a new Forester birthday tradition). She was led all over the house, until she discovered the hidden treasure of Gobstoppers.

After that there was a wonderful breakfast of cereal and toast adorned with two candles, all prepared by her big(est) sister Mekala.

Then we were off to the zoo. We saw the tigers, rhinos, the giraffes and all the other little animals in between. Our last stop was the playground area where we splashed in the water and went down the slide (over and over).

After the zoo we came home for a quick lunch and then we were off to the church for our weekly service time. Mommy goes and helps get all the crafts ready for Sunday morning.

After that we came home and made a cake, and cooked a pizza(s). The cake was supposed to be Elmo, but we adapted it a bit and made it "She-mo". It was strawberry cake and I wanted to use strawberry icing, so we made him.... errr..... her pink. Of course we couldn't give "She-mo" a green nose without giving everyone else one too.

After pizza and fruit salad, it was finally time for CAKE and ICE CREAM, and of course the Happy Birthday song. It was Yummy, yummy, said the birthday girl.

Finally, it was time for the long awaited MOVIE. The girls look forward to movie night all week long. Emma's day was finally over, about halfway through the movie.


Thank you Lord for my sweet Emma! She is such a joy to our whole family. I pray that even though she may never really remember the events of her second birthday, I pray that she will always feel the love that we all have for her.

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Tressa said...

Sounds like Emma had a SUPER AMAZING BIRTHDAY!!
I really like the Pink Elmo.
We do the same thing with breakfast and decorating the kitchen chair for the person with the birthday. Everyone feels so special and loved.
Its a blessing to see how much your family loves eachother and is so tightly knitted.
Can we get together soon? All of us? Joel really wants to get to know Kent too.