Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah - Finally

Ok. We have reached the limit of our birthday celebrations (for now). Hannah was able to open a few presents on her birthday. She got three sets of wooden "paper dolls". They are awesome, even Emma can play with them. Then we had a little chocolate cake that night, knowing that the "real" cake would be later.
And finally on Monday we were able to have her party! YEA! I didn't know how many to expect, so I made two cakes, chocolate with chocolate icing, and the other at Hannah's request........

Sleeping Beauty. Or at least as my interpretation of her. Strawberry cake with strawberry icing and sparkly gel swirls! She was gorgeous, for a cake that is.

While we were eating cake, everyone went around the table and shared all their favorite things about Hannah. They talked about her smile and her generosity, her sweet gentle spirit and her laid back personality. I was a wonderful time of blessing.

That night she got to open more presents I think her favorite was the painter's art set. It was a cool easel with a canvas and brushes and paints and all the works!! Way cool!

Later we played a few rounds of Alphabet Bingo with our friends. I think Hannah had a good time. She was truly blessed

Lord, Thank you for Hannah, and her sweet spirit. I hope she always knows how loved she is. May the words of encouragement that were spoken over her stink deep into her heart, and resonate within her forever!


Anonymous said...

you have to give me a copy of mycah and sarah's picture! it turned out so cute!!!

miss u already!!

p.s. love your family picture!
it's so good!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Princess! Let Gram & Pop know if you're birthday box made it to Waco!


Gram & Pop