Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nature at Work

Some my find these pictures disturbingly gross, I however find them extremely interesting. I'm just sayin....

So we get DSTV here in Uganda.  And it is really kinda fun.  It gives Kent and I an way to keep up with world news, the kids have the occasional treat of cartoons, (many of the cartoons are from when I was a kid, too), plus our favorite is the National Geographic Chanel.  The day after we watched an episode on Extreme Insects and learned all about ants and how they help in the decomposition process (I said they were gross)..... we found this in our yard.

This is one of those GI-MORMUS rats that comes in our yard sometimes. That Lady must have killed during the middle of the night. Only it is COMPLETELY covered in ants.  i couldn't even tell what it was at first.  It was only after poking and prodding that I was able to discover what lied beneath the dark, wiggling mass.

Cool...... and gross all at the same time.  Science lesson!  Aren't you glad you don't have these guys in your yard?  (both the rat and the demolition ants.)

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hariette said...

yes, I am very glad i don't have these creations in my yard. bad enough I have fireants in my bathroom. gotta get some poison. not expecting any rats for them to attack. lol