Saturday, August 6, 2011


Where to begin...... So last year, if you remember, we were so totally blessed by a young lady named Ashley.  She was here for six months and was a great help in getting to have a few date nights while we adjusted to living in a new country.  Well her sister, Laura, came to visit her here in Uganda, and Laura is and Aggie. 

Both young ladies kept our young girls one weekend while we went to Kampala for supplies.  When we got home, not only was our home booby-trapped, but Laura had taught the girls all the A&M cheers.  As you all know Kent is a HUGE Texas Tech fan.......
So this summer when we had a team from College Station come, Laura and Ashley sent us a care package. In it was this t-shirt for Kent.  It was a hoot watching Kent get his new shirt, and at first he refused to wear it, but now he wears it all the time.  So thanks Laura and Ashley for broadening Kent's horizon.

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