Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Birthday Party

Sunday was Daddy & Snuggle Bug day after Church.  Daddy took the birthday girl to lunch at the Coffee Hut while the rest of the Clan wrapped, iced, cleaned and planned for a PARTY!  SB was so surprised to walk in after her date to find her sisters and a few of her friends waiting for her with bubbles!
  The Surprise party welcoming committee!
 Some of the fun activities included.... "pin the tail on the lion", the ring toss and a water balloon toss game. Everyone received a prize. I think that this was SB's first honest to goodness party with friends and everything..... I remember when she turned 1.... and when she turned 4 and now 5, but I forget 2&3???  Is that bad???  Can anyone help me remember????
 The cake.... I find it harder and harder to be creative with the cupcakes and one cake pan. In the states we would go to Michael's each birtday and let the girls pick out a new Wilton cake pan. I would bake the cake and decorate it the way they wanted....... oh well.
 For ever it seemed that SB was asking for new sunglasses. She told me, "I used my sun glasses to make a home for the ants, and the Lady chewed them up."  She was SUPER PUMPED when she opened these from her sister.
SB also got another primate..... named Sleepy (cause he came with a blanket). Another big hit for the birthday girl.
 One of her last gifts was a new backpack...... it was another item that she had been asking for, for a very long time..... her ladybug bag was "spoiled" she said.  Every time we would drive through town and she would see a pink backpack, she would let me know that she still needed a new one.

She is a HAM!!!  I wish I could truly capture her personality in writing so that I could share it with you!

Thank you Lord for my SB!  She is a joy and the life of our Family!  We are so blessed to have her as one of us. May you use her passion for your service ans glory one day. I pray that she will be an influencer and a world changer.

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