Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Mornings

So.... I got a new camera for my birthday.... a small one I can throw in my bag and tote around with me to snap pictures anytime, anywhere, and I LOVE IT!  Plus it is small enough I don't look like a tourist wandering around town.  So these are some of the pictures I snapped at church a few weeks ago.
Our format for Church hasn't changed.... We all meet in the construction zone for praise and worship.
Then afterwards the children stay inside the "zone" and the adults move outside under the trees.

 One outside they break up into groups.  Kent usually gives each group a verse or two to look up and discuss.  Sometimes each group's verse is the same, sometimes it is different. Then after they have had time to read and talk about the verse, each group takes a few minutes to share with the rest of the groups what they have learned or what they think. Then Kent or who ever is teaching will explain a little more and give more clarity. 
 Random artistic picture I took while playing with my camera on that particular Sunday.
 Mean while.... in the "zone" the kids are learning their own lessons.  We just finished a series on the Fruits of the Spirit, looking at them in the life of King David.
 After the story/lesson the kids get to "shade" or color a picture based on the story, then they get a "bisquit" or a cookie for snack.
 There are still anywhere from 85 to 100+ kids that come every week!  We are so blessed to be part of their lives, even if only a small part.
 A Group shot.

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