Friday, October 21, 2011

T-shirt painting

This summer.... yes I know it is fall...... Our wornderful Waco grandparents sent the girls some great craft goodies.  Each girl got a t-shirt and had the joy of designing their own shirt.  I am always torn between, helping so much that it is done well, but is not their own creation, and letting them try on their own and then being dissapointed with their results..... This time I did both!
 Sunggle bug choose the fish stencil and the paint colors, but I did the work.
 Baby girl was and independent help what so ever!
 Snuggle bug in the creative process....
 Curly also received no outside help....

 Baby girls final shirt..... I need Jesus. (the white is a dove)  Later she added John 3:16.
Curly Sue has "joy" with some leaves and a heart for the "o"

I added everything SB wanted, clouds, bubbles, "movement" lines and the "water" underneath.

THANKS MAMA LINDA for the wonderful goodies.... sorry I took so long to post them!  LOVE TO PAPA KENT!

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