Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Snuggle bug

Who ever said that the youngest never have their picture taken didn't have a snuggle bug to take pictures of.
These are just some random, too cute to not share picture of the birthday girl that I have taken over the last few months.
 Sportin' zenias from the flower garden...... one behind each ear!

 Enjoying yummy watermelon while on a brief getaway in July.  I took this cause I have a cute picture of her eating watermelon before she was one..... my how she has grown.
 Play date at a friend's house last week..... playing dress up.
Look at my baby...... 5 years old, starting Kindergarten.  WOW!  If my kids went to school some where else, I might actually get teary eyed at that thought, but since I get to keep her at home for a while, I will just enjoy my little bundle of imaginative energy!

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