Thursday, August 4, 2011


This is Alice.  She is a WONDERFUL addition to our little Church. She started coming last summer and was one of the major testimonies of healing and deliverance, and she has been coming ever since.  For MONTHS Alice came to church wearing only a dark yellow skirt and a white blouse.
We would secretly have someone ask about her clothes thinking we might have them take her to the market, but she never seemed really interested. She just kept coming faithfully.  After a while she started wearing some new clothes, but I think they were items that she was borrowing from some one, cause they were always too small, and looked to "young".
 A few weeks ago, during worship, one of our young men felt that we should take up and offering for Alice so that she should get new shoes.  The out pouring of this Church was AMAZING! We didn't ever count it, but I know her socks were blessed off..... um on..... anyway she got hooked UP!
The next Sunday she came to Church so proud of her new dress and shoes.  It was sweet.  She is really growing in her walk with Jesus.  A week or so after the shoe blessing she started sharing with me how she had gone to the hospital and was preaching and praying for people to be healed. Now you have to understand that Alice is a VERY quite woman, and while she was re-telling me this story her voice got louder and her arms started waving all over.  She is passionate about telling others about Jesus.

Another neat Alice story.... While preaching at the hospital she gave away her Bible.  So later in the week Kent went to her hut to find her and give her a new Bible. She wasn't there.  So they thought they would try her sister's charcoal shop.  She wasn't there either, but before Kent left he saw her come running around the corner.

As soon as she saw Kent she started giggling and laughing and was extremely excited. Once she got her breath back she explained that she was just about to go into the market and do some shopping when the Holy Spirit told her "rush home, pastor is waiting". She stopped her shopping and started running back toward the house.  That is when she saw Kent at her sisters shop!  Cool huh!?!

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