Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Things are well here in Uganda. Life has settled down to a normal routine and we LOVE IT! We are seeing God's hand in so much that we are doing right now. Kent has had several opportunities to teach this past week. One opportunity was with the cell group leaders at our Church. I'm not sure how fruitful the out come was, but there was one young man you approached Kent after the meeting and asked Kent if he would disciple him. Someone eager for more of Jesus, a deeper, more powerful walk! His name is Dennis, and we call him Dennis "W".

The other engagement was with a group of college students. These college students love Jesus, and get together every day at lunch for a time of prayer and worship. They had an outreach to a local village planned, and they asked Kent to help them prepare for the trip. At the first meeting he encouraged them to learn how to share their testimony in 90 seconds. To practice it. Get it down well enough that you could share it at the gas pump, or in the grocery store line. Then at the next meeting he surprised them with a challenge to go out in pairs and share the Gospel with one person during the lunch break.

He knew that there would be at least one good testimony, but he was blown away when there were three people that gave their lives to Jesus that afternoon! Dennis W is who Kent when out with. They went to a restaurant/bar and shared the love of Jesus with the bar tender.

The bar tender, Daniel, had heard about Jesus the week before from a nurse, so he was ready to make a decision to follow Jesus. Dennis W was so encouraged by their lunch challenge. They have since gotten together for a second meeting, and Daniel's wife came to that.

So be praying for Lawerence, Daniel and Dennis. They are the top three guys that Kent is pouring into right now. And when those three have three guys.... then all of a sudden there will be nine! and when those nine have three... you are looking at 36 people that are falling in love with Jesus, and helping other do the same!! 36x3.... 108. You get the idea.... and that doesn't take into account any new guys that Kent might meet, or any of their wives!

A movement is gonna happen in Northern Uganda!! Thank you JESUS!

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