Sunday, April 11, 2010


In my last post I shared the testimony of Daniel, the bartender, who gave his life to Jesus, after a college outreach. He asked Kent if they could start having a bible study. This week was their first meeting, they met there in the Evergreen Bar and while they were going over the basic plan of salvation, with verses and all, one other employee and three waitress gave their lives to JESUS! So there are now 5, yes FIVE, new believers that are basically having church in a bar! GOD IS AWESOME!!!

In other awesome news... Dennis W, the young man Kent is discipiling, and Kent were out the other day looking for goats. They saw some nice meaty ones, and when they stopped to see who owned them, they discovered a little girl with a NASTY cough. So they laid hands on her chest and prayed for healing! Then they went to find the owner of the goats, but he wasn't home, which gave them a great reason to go back the next day. Dennis returned to ask about the goats, and while he was in the neighborhood, Kent told him he should check on the little girl too. The mom said that the girl had slept all night, for the first time in two weeks! Dennis put his hand on her chest, and he could feel the difference. The day before her lungs were SUPER congested, the next day they were clear! Another story for the GLORY of GOD!!

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