Friday, March 12, 2010

Ants.... the other other meat

I just LOVE God's timing..... This year in school we are studying the continents and a few countries on each continent. We started after all of our friends from training had moved to their various locations, so it is fun to talk about who we know that lives in the different countries that we are learning about.

Last week we started learning about AFRICA. Again I say... what timing! We had a week of review and one week of Europe and then we started learning about the very country we are living in!

Our curriculum (My Father's World) uses "The Usborne Living World Encyclopedia" as one of our texts. On page 49 ( for those of you who have a copy) it talks about insect colonies & termites.
This is John taking down the termite mound in our front yard! Hands on Science at it's best!In Uganda termites are called white ants. And I know that this won't come as a surprise to some of you.... but they EAT them!

This is the Queen.... she is a delicacy. I think they prefer her roasted. She looks just like the picture in our book too! You can actually buy white ants in the market. Walking in the market you see: bean, bean, corn, bugs, bean, seeds, rice, bugs..... CRAZY. John's wife made "odii wen", which is ground up ants, for Kent...... and yes...... he ate it! It looks like a dark grainy peanut butter..... which by the way is called "odii something".... odii means paste.

I promise, when you come and visit, I won't serve you white ants or any other type of bug, unless you ask me too. GRIN ;)


Anonymous said...

Honey your pics are amazing!!!!
WOW what an adventure

Anonymous said...

As I sit here eating my peanut butter for lunch and reading about the "ants", I have a whole new appreciation for peanut butter.