Thursday, March 4, 2010


For the past three years (since we moved to Waco and had to find new homes for our pets) we have promised the girls that once we moved to Uganda we would get a dog. We had only been in the country a few days when they started asking about when and what kind. Last week we heard about some German Shepard pups in Jinja. They were ten months old and had already been trained in some commands. The girls immediately started thinking of names.

Some on the list included : Lily, Crispen, Fingal, and Cedar. When we arrived in Jinja we quickly were able to narrow down the choices between Max and Lady. We chose Lady. And since Lady wasn't one of the names on our original list we added Cedar making her Lady Cedar in honor of "Queen Cedar of Mistmantle"
Here she is after a long night's work. Seeing that she is a guard dog more than a pet we will let her be lazy (for the most part) during the day.
Lady and Curly posing for a picture. She stays chained up most of the morning. Her routine is something like this: guard, get put in the kennel, eat breakfast, chill out on the chain, after lunch play with her "pack", chill on the front porch, eat dinner, guard. Easy life!
She is a really good dog, sweet and gentle with the kids, but could be threatening if she needed to be. Right now we keep her away from every one but family.... so she won't think that every one in the compound is a friend. We have to set boundaries so she will be aggressive with people she doesn't know. She can sit, lie down, heal and kinda stay, when she wants to.

Because she has spent her whole "life" on a chain, she is unlike most dogs that we have ever owned. You know how most dogs pester you for your attention..... she doesn't do that. We have to ask her to come to us. and when we are finished petting her, she doesn't nudge our hand for more attention... she goes back to her corner and sits back down! CRAZY! But I kinda like it!

We love having her..... Honey and Baby Girl enjoy singing to her: "You're our Lady and we're your clan". Thanks Kenny for that inspiration!


Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

beautiful dog. we have a german shepherd named lady too...

Tressa said...

She is gorgeous! Nothing better than having a dog around! So exciting!

Aaron said...

Looks like fun. I want one!!