Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last Friday we had a chance to go and visit one of the IDP camps outside of our home city. These camps were started 20 years ago when Koney would raid the villages kidnappings children and forcing them to fight in his army... the LRA ) Lord's Resistance Army. Koney has since relocated to the D.R. Congo, however it is RARE to find someone who wasn't affected by him in some horrible way or another. Our friends have been working in this village for a while. They have people in the US that sponsor kids from the village and they provide them with schooling, and lunch. For some, it is the only meal that they will get all day! They also have an after school program that they do, and they have "Saturday club" as well.
As you can see we were quite the sight. For most of these kids, our girls were the first "Muzngu" child that they had ever seen. (muzngu - white person.... African for "gringo"). The kids at the school couldn't get close enough though they are very shy. Most will shake your hand, and you might get a greeting, however there are some who turn away from you when you reach out to greet them.
This sweet girl wasn't shy and was excited about getting to be Sweet Pea's friend. Going out into the village reinforced our desire to learn the language!! We first really started talking about language lessons after we were having dinner at a restaurant, the conversation when something like this:
Kent: We'll take two pizzas.
Male waiter: We are not having pizzas.
K: Ok, then we will have the roasted pork.
MW: Let me check.......... (long wait)..... we are not having the roasted pork.
K: Fine, then we will have the chicken
MW: We are not having the chicken, either.
K: ......
Later after we had ordered our meal and waited 1.5 hours for it so come out ( one of those meals were you KNOW that they must have had to go and butcher the cow first because it took so long!) The food was good, but we were really disappointed that there was so much that they DIDN'T have on the menu. So we thought we would share our feelings:
K: Thank you so mu (much) ....
Female Waitress: You are very welcome.
K: We were kinda disappointed tha......
FW: Ok good... thank you very much, you're welcome.
Needless to say, we decided that we wouldn't go back there for a while. The point of all that: We are starting language lessons on Monday of next week!

I LOVE this picture. This is Ms Ashley ( the girl we met in the airport) holding a sweet baby. I love the naked bottom! That baby had on NOTHING but that bead belt. Classic African attire!

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Bethany said...

I want to hear language learning stories when you start...that is all I know right now. Love the blog and all the pictures...they really are worth a thousand words. I can almost taste and smell it all. Stay strong my friends!!!