Friday, March 19, 2010

15 min of fame!

My AMAZING mother-in-love's box came last night along with an amazing story. From what I can understand it goes something like this....

She was sitting at home watching the evening news when they ran a story on Professionals Athletes making a difference in Uganda. They were reporting on how there are several athletes who wanted to make a difference and were going to GULU, Uganda to install water wells.

Hearing that there was a group from OK, going to not just Uganda, but to Gulu as well, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to try and get a cooler full of goodies to us!

Well Ms. Amy, the news anchor, thought that we would be a great side story to the one they were already running! So She and a film crew headed out to MIL's house and filmed them filling up the care package.
Last night we headed up to the Hotel where they team was staying and picked up our box. They busted out the camera and filmed the whole thing... so we should have a few minuets of fame in OK, soon.
Amy also delivered a birthday card to Honey.... and we were given 50 water filter straws that can be used to filter water anywhere... they are called "Water is Life" and they are a great gift to give, when telling people about the True Water.... Jesus!

Here we all are with Ms. Amy and the Water is Life straws. It was a fun evening for all!! We enjoyed digging through the box when we got home. It was CRAMMED full of awesome goodies!! Packages of brown gravy, peppered gravy, corn bread, kool-aid, all sorts of bug repelant and itch cream AND more bread pans!! (Which is awesome cause my recipe makes three loaves, and it takes forever with only one pan!!)

Read more and watch the video at.... Gulu Delivery . Hopefully all you readers with better internet access can watch the video!

THANKS so much GRAM..... WE LOVE YOU!!!


David Dailey said...
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David Dailey said...

Your link to the video is broken :-( you have an extra "http" at the front of the URL.

Thats so cool to hear how God worked through so many people to bless you, so you can bless others.

Bethany said...

saw the video, so cool. So glad you got the care package. Did you know it was coming?

Anonymous said...

God's pretty amazing isn't He? He knew we wanted to send you a package and He provided the way and the fun adventure! Thank you Lord for loving and caring for our smallest hearts desires!!!!

Glad you guys had fun with Amy.Isn't she amazing?

Did you get to meet Adrian Petersen yet?

Foresterclan said...

Sorry about the broken link.... goole the info and you will find it!