Monday, March 22, 2010


Lawrence was one of those "random" meetings that turned into a lot more. We first met Lawrence while we were house looking. His brother had a house that was for rent, and even though we didn't rent that house, Laurence and Kent started hanging out. They went to a local hotel to watch a "football" match, Laurence helped Kent find places in town, that first Sunday Lawrence walked us to Church and then stayed to listen.
He was one of those ripe ready to harvest kinda hearts that didn't require much effort on our part, if any at all, and now Kent is discipling him. It is so encouraging to hear about the conversations that these two have. Kent will ask Lawrence questions about faith, or character, or unconditional love, and at first he answers with what he knows... like how God doesn't love the "street girls" as much because their sin is "greater" that his. But it is amazing... as Kent explains God's love and how he views all sin the same, you can see the light bulb come on has he gets it! SO, a week ago Saturday, Lawrence wanted to get baptized. They announced that the church was doing having baptisms.... Lawrence thought he had to work, and so we didn't make any effort to get Lawrence on the list. But at the last minuet he rearranged his schedule so that he could get baptized, but by that time... it was too late, to get baptized with the church group that is.
Kent called up the hotel ( the only one with a pool in Gulu) and asked if we could do another baptism that afternoon in their pool. They said yes..... so Kent and his girls, along with Lawrence, his wife and parents as well as two of our other "munu" friends, piled into the van and headed to the Acholi Inn.
The next Sunday, Lawrence's wife surprised him by coming to church, and this Tuesday we are starting a bible study at their house! WAY TO GO GOD!! IT is amazing! Lawrence has been so helpful in so many ways.... Kent takes him along on some of him outings to share the gospel and we are super excited to see where God will use Lawrence!
I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! Holding hands is a sign of friendship among men in the Acholi culture, I am so thankful that Kent was ready and willing to accept this custom! Thank you Jesus! USE KENT MIGHTILY IN UGANDA!!


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Bethany said...

I teared up at this testimony...praise God!!! I am excited to hear more stories like this from you!! God bless yall!!

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

what an incredible heart for the lost and gift of evangelism kent has!

Anonymous said...

Amen!!!! Another brother in the "family of God". Be obedient to the Lord son and show them the way "home".

You guys are always in our prayers and in our hearts!

Pop & Gram

Lori E. said...

Oh Becky, what a great story. It really moved me. Way to go Kent and way to go Forester Clan. I love your stories!!