Friday, March 20, 2009


Last week I went to get the girls up and this is what I found:
Now H always wants to sleep with someone.... especially when she is in one of her "needy" moods. But M on the other hand NEVER wants to sleep with anyone. However it was M that was in H's bed. I know that I have said it before, (You can read about it here)but I love having all girls!! I never had a sister, I had an AWESOME best friend, but weekend sleep overs just aren't the same as having a roommate.

We hear the girls talking every night..... and it makes me SOOOOOO happy that they are developing deep relationships. I want them to be close...... Two sets of peas in two little pods.

LORD, deepen their relationship. Unite their hearts together. May they always put each one another first. May their friend ship last their LIFETIME!!!


Angie said...

That's just adorable! I soooo love to find our boys snuggled up asleep together's rare they are that close in proximity without lots of punching and kicking going on. You just have to treasure those moments!

AMBER said...

Everyone couldn't believe I wanted another girl, but this is the very reason. I know my two girls will be great friends who have fun little slumber parties each and every night they share a room. So much fun and so very sweet!

Anonymous said...

Pop and I so want to see our little princesses!!!!

Miss you guys!!

Your pictures always make a graam's heart smile!!

Lori E. said...

That is soooo sweet. I love your blog, I finally put a link on my site of your blog. Love it!