Thursday, March 26, 2009

Texas Traditions

In Texas, especially east Texas, almost every family has the tradition of snapping pictures of their darling little ones among the beautiful blankets of bluebonnets. We are no different. We have pictures of M when she was 18 months old sitting in a patch of wildflowers on Hwy 84 on our way to Fredricksburg.

Well the tradition continues.... I have been looking for a good patch of flowers for a while, but all the REALLY good ones are on the medians of major hwys and interstates. I love my children and I want to keep them for the NEXT set of Blue Bonnet pictures, so I decided to pass on busy thoroughfares. ;)

These pictures aren't in a big beautiful patch, but there were enough to get the idea, and they were conveniently taken right across the street from our house, where there is no threat of 18 wheelers, or any other number of wheels.

It was great!! I could focus on one smile at a time. M was in her PJ's while I was doing E. and They could run in and out of the house as needed, with out endangering their lives! ;) We still haven't mastered group pictures yet. So for now this is my way of putting them all on one picture.


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Lori E. said...

How cute!! I loved that!