Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gettin' into the swing of things!

I was thinking about school the other day..... and I realized that it had been six months since I had done school with the girls all by myself. (Thank you Andrea, you were a life saver!!)

SIX months!! I couldn't believe it. I have missed having that time with my girls. We started back up again this week. It went very well, considering how out of practice I was.

I have come up with a new "schedule".... The girls take turns having "computer time"(Thank you Steels), during which they play educational games (Thank you Gram) that help improve their skills as well as keep them busy for 30-45 minutes. While everyone is distracted I get to spend some quality time with "non computer" person. It has worked well. really well. We are able to go over all their independent work for the day, learn a new concept if need be, if we have time left over we drill math facts or work on phonics. They also take their spelling test during that time as well.

This has helped eliminate interruptions and had kept me from feeling pulled in 4 different directions. During S's Computer time we do the subjects that are done together, like grammar.
When everyone has had a turn on the PC then the big girls work independently and Sarah and I get some time to work on letter sounds and blends. Nap time is when we try (key word here :try) to get science in.

We also have our Activity box out as well so that Emma (and whoever else wants to) can have an option "b" while we are having computer time. I will post about what was in that later.

On a side note..... Emma has been doing really well this week potty training. It still isn't all the time, but the accidents are getting further and further apart. I even took her out in public today with panties on and she went the whole time out nice and dry. I have forgotten how many trips to the bathroom in a day, one must make when potty training a two year old!! I think we graced every bathroom, of every establishment at least twice. Some even more than that, and we had to make a few stops on the road as well. BUT if that is what it take to receive freedom from diapers then BRING IT ON!!

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Angie said...

Woo!! You are super-mom...way to go!