Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Miss Who??

Meet Miss. Piss...... I mean Miss. Priss. Actually this is two posts in one.....
I have heard S on several occasions talking to her sisters and playing princess or whatever and she will call them Miss. Piss. Once I quit rolling on the floor I will correct her, but she usually doesn't remember for very long, and soon I am correcting her again ...." No Sweet Pea, it's Miss PRRRiss." Speaking of Sweat Pea, S has this thing about being called anything but HER name. I finally convinced her that I liked to call her nicknames, so she decided that I could call her, Sweat Pea..... in the spring, and Sunshine in the summer and Pumpkin in the fall and Angel in the winter. And she pays attention too. If I ever call her pumpkin, she will correct me, "No momma, call me Sweat Pea."
OK so these pictures are not of S but of her sister E. M loves dressing up her baby sister and decking her out with all the accessories, including glitter. She is so darn cute I can't help but take pictures and share them with everyone.... I wish I had some digital pictures of M when she was this age and wore her Cinderella dress..... there is just something about that dresses and their eyes....... What Beauties!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear for sharing and allowing distant granparents to enjoy these fun moments. How sad it was before we had this wonderful thing called "blog"!

Gram & Pop

Tressa said...

She is a miss priss, a pumpkin, and a CUTIE PIE!!!

Love the pics!

Angie said...

Miss Piss is hysterical!! I LOVE the things that come out the mouths of children!