Saturday, February 21, 2009

The People

The people of Ocean View come from a history of rejection and homelessness. (is that a word?) Back in the sixty's when America was coming out segregation, South Africa was entering in.

Simon's Town is a beautiful area right on the coast, full of beautiful homes and quaint shops. It used to be the home of many of the older residents of Ocean View, that is until the Government moved them out and declared Simon's Town a "white only" area. There are still people living in OV who are waiting for a home, promised to them by the government, almost forty years ago.

South Africa has since seen the errors of it's ways and integrated the people, however there are still deep roots of anger and bitterness. So many people need the healing touch of Jesus.

This group of girls was one of our simple churches that we helped establish. Ruby, Ceene, Daniella, Mina, Latonya, and Esmeralda. Summer (in the middle) was the one who took the lead, and really encouraged them that they could meet with out us and learn on their own. It was so much fun watch them grow in the few short weeks that we were there.

We had the honor of baptizing most -if not all of these girls in the ocean. Those times were a wonderful time of celebration full of singing and dancing!! For the first celebration we joined up with several other All Nations churches, and had a fun time.

Later on in the trip we had a second baptism. During the second celebration we baptized THREE generations of of new believers. Elizabeth, Loraine and Josie all decided to follow Jesus while we were there in OV. Elizabeth's story is powerful and amazing. I will try and do it justice in my next post.


Mary said...

Hi Becky!
Hope you all are doing well, it's fun to see your blog! I found you off of Angie Potts.
Mary Eaton

Lori E. said...

Becky, I found your blog. It is so cool, for lack of a better word. I am just so impressed at all you and your family has done. You are so brave and you are spending your time well being God's hands and feet. Are you going back to Africa? What are your plans now? So Cool!!!!

College Station said...

Becky this brought tears to my eyes! I am in amazement at how God is using you and Kent to further His kingdom. All I can say is "WOW"!